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Convenience in using Chatbots for Customer Service

The ultimate goal of any customer-facing department is to provide an advanced, instant and trouble free customer support. This real time customer support wasn’t as possible as it is today. With the advent of innovative chatbots, businesses can now offer their clienteles a convenient and self service solution. They have not only cut down on the long periods of time when customers had to wait both physically and virtually to have their queries addressed but also have cut down on the necessity of speaking with humans for the same. The question that arises in this context is that whether buyers are really comfortable in interacting with chatbots. Yes, it is true that many people found it pretty strange to speak to a bot initially, but as more people learned about the benefits of the artificial tools, the more convenient it appeared to them to communicate with chatbots. Chatbots can collect data based on recent interactions and respond to a message or a solution that directly suits the needs and preferences of the customers. The combination of humans and chatbots have always been successful in providing a results driven and around-the-clock hassle free service thus enabling them to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Generating Sales Leads Through Social Media

The social media platforms are proving to have immense potentiality and opportunity for the businesses to focus on their marketing strategies by targeting their audience on such platforms. However, given the fact that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are mostly used for mainly two intentions: to get informed and to have fun, it’s not easy to generate sales through them. Some tips to tackle these types of challenges are listed below.

1.       Focus should be on Creating a Community- Before using social media as a marketing strategy, first it is necessary to understand the inherent self-explanatory motive of the audience for using it. People use social media to connect with like-minded people and not necessarily with businesses. Hence creating a social media group or a community can help promote the company’s brand and keep the audience cognizant of the latest stocks and provide a platform where the members can actively share their thoughts about the products.

2.       Being a Go-To Page- Having people come to a company’s page with questions and addressing their queries in the comments is a good way to kick-start sales when the audience will start making purchases without having to invite them in taking an action. However having a large scale authority as business is not easy and would require the following dimensions:

·         Content- An integrated high quality content blog is required to be published at the website that would provide solutions

·         Paying attention to the description of the blog posts and promoting them so that engagement is triggered after reading them.

A lot of effort and patience coupled with the right strategies can indeed help to generate sales of a company from the social media audience.

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Using Business Intelligence for Betterment

Data is very valuable for any business. It can help in decision making, planning, and more. Here, Business Intelligence comes into action. BI uses various softwares, applications, tools and services that enables access to and analysis of data. This improves and optimizes decisions and performances. Using Business Intelligence can help you to get more value by improving customer service, employee productivity, and more.

Following are the few ways one could get more value from Business Intelligence:

  1. Build real-time BI into your customer-facing services
  2. Improve employee performance through BI
  3. Improve Customer Service
  4. Predict new revenue streams
  5. Automate budgeting and forecasting
  6. Shift the emphasis to analysis
  7. Embed BI into other platforms
  8. Cut time wasted on data gruntwork
  9. Bring unstructured data on board

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Bridging the Gap Between IT & Business

Business and IT are two completely different fields. Yet there is always a need to mix them for the betterment of both fields. However, there is a huge gap between these two and to bridge them a Business Analysts is comes into role. A business analyst is responsible to take IT and Business together by using data analytics to analyse the ongoing processes and methods, determine plans and requirements and recommend future plans on the basis of current studies. Now days, data is very important for a business. It can help in planning, decision making etc and thus business analysts are a need for an organization. It is important for a business analyst to be good in both hard skills and soft skills. He must be good at sharing the information he was able to figure out with the team. Similarly, he must have a strong IT background.

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Technology In Business

Slowly and steadily we are moving towards digital transformation and its has become one of the important tasks for businesses. With the evolving technology, businesses are also growing and evolving. Here are the top 12 tech trends that we need to look for in year 2018 :

    1. Computer Vision
    2. Deep Learning
    3. Natural Language Generation
    4. Businesswide Networking Fabric
    5. Distributed Ledger Technology
    6. Edge Computing
    7. Quantum Computing
    8. Serverless Computing
    9. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality
    10. Digital Twin
    11. Additive Manufacturing
    12. Nanotechnology

It is believed that to stay in the competition of business, one should welcome new forms of technology and implement them helping business to grow. This will bring the needed digital transformation and help in decision making and planning strategies. 



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Briefing Data Science

After Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the next most emerging field in todays world is the field of Data Science. It is said to be the cousins of AI and ML and mainly deals with data. It intakes data, uses processes, algorithms and scientific methods to extract knowledge and valuable data from large data sets. This field is need of each and every type of organization. Whether it be business or an IT firm, every organization needs data for improvement. Thus, outcomes from the processing of data are further used for decision making and for improving current functioning.

People often gets confused between Data Science, Data Analytics and Big Data. The key difference between them is that Data Analytics and Big Data are components of Data Science. Data Science extract values from the output of Data Analytics and Big Data to solve problems.
The goal of Data Science is to extract business-focused insights from business. This could help organizations in many ways.

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Myths About Machine Learning

Every day a new problem statements emerges in the field of technology and machine learning proves to be a solution in most cases. These days, we tend to find smart solutions for our problems and machine learning is the backbone for the same. Thus, we can correctly state that Machine Learning has already invaded in our lives in some way or another.

However, with the emergence of machine learning, misunderstanding and misconceptions associated with it enters the field. There are few common myths about what and what not machine learning can do. Few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Machine Learning is AI
  2. All data is useful
  3. Anyone can build machine learning system
  4. Reinforcement learning is ready to use
  5. Machine learning will replace people

One could achieve better results if he avoids these common myths.

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Interested in AI? Have A Career in It!

With advancement of technology, one field that will be highly demanded in upcoming years is turning up to be Artificial Intelligence. It is bringing changes that is transforming the world. AI comes with its sub streams such as data mining, machine learning, neural networks etc. This field has already become the area of interest for many programmers and developers. However, still there are not many developers in this stream. 

Schools, Colleges and Organizations have started providing courses on AI. It is one of the best career option. But Artificial Intelligence is just a main stream. One should have a clear mind about his career opportunities. Following are few options you can opt if interested in Artificial Intelligence and want to have a career towards it:

  1. A.I. Research Scholar
  2. A.I. based Software Developer
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Machine Learning Engineer
  5. Automation Engineer

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Marketing analytics and its impact on the organisation

A recent survey states that the marketing companies will allocate their budgets to analytics. Though the top marketers report that analytics’ effect on company’s performance will remain moderate. There are two forces which couldn’t make this happen- the data used and the data analyst. This article discusses about why the organisations couldn’t realise the full potential of marketing analytics with their increased spending. Some of the main areas where the problems may arise are:
• The data challenge
• The data analyst challenge
• Algorithms and data resolving business plans
• Company’s goals
• Expanding skill boundaries

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Gmail's new feature

Google’s new machine learning tools has helped in mailing services. This will help people save time and energy. It will also check for typos and grammatical errors. The smart compose feature doesn’t write the full texts but suggests new texts after analysing the existing messages. Gmail’s text suggestions appear in lighter grey and if we wish to use them then we can press the tab button on the keypad. The smart compose tool can speed up the message creation and reduce errors simultaneously. When we use Google’s products, we are sharing our information with Google.

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The rise of analytics and artificial intelligence in India

India devotes only 0.6% of the GDP to research and development and it is  estimated that AI will increase global GDP by 14% by 2030. Of this trillions accrue to china and North America and only 957$ billion to India. The sector is dominated by American firms and around 70% of the AI research is carried out by non-Indian firms. The central government has increased the investment for digitalizing India. Also the ministry of commerce and industry has made a special taskforce on AI that encourages new policy development in these areas. AI is being used in the following areas:
• Finance
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Crime detection
• Precision agriculture

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The transformation in the IT sector by AI

IT sector is now supported by artificial intelligence and has transformed itself from cost-center to innovator. AI and machine learning is the solution to the challenges faced by the firms. The time saved can be used for more complex problem solving and also to improve customer satisfaction. IT teams should have proper bandwidth to develop best AI solutions. But there is no longer need for that. Many products and services in the market can help improve the work of IT teams by:
• Log analysis
• Employee support
• Cybersecurity checks
Moreover, AI powered marketing solutions help to maximise the ROI of the companies. AI analytics helps the employees to summarise the reports which could have otherwise be done by a data scientist.

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Boosting Healthcare Services by Big Data

In the predictive analytics market for healthcare, advancing Big Data processing tools, data mining and data organization are being increasingly used by market research firms to predict huge gains. Also by leveraging Big Data and scientific advancements, healthcare organizations are now being able to fuel the future of patient care. Despite the fact that there are several roadblocks to using analytics in this field there are also many ways by which Big Data can actually revolutionize the health field. Some of them are listed below as:


  • Big Data Boost on Precision Medicine and Research- By tapping reams of data from tools like Smartphone apps, genomics and mobile biometric sensors, precision medicines are now being able to treat individuals with therapies and treatment plans more specific to them
  • Tapping Big Data for Real-Time Infection Control- By using “sniffer” algorithms to assign risk scores, the data analytics pilots are identifying patients that are at risk for sepsis. Moreover the Big Data network is being able to predict and prevent infections out of the system thus squeezing the cost out and creating a safer environment for patients.
  • Cost Cutting with Patient Data Analytics- Predictive analytics is believed to cut 25 percent or more annual costs of more than 47 percent healthcare organizations over the next five years.


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Creating Best Instagram Bios for Businesses

With heightening popularity of Instagram among other social media platforms, creating an interactive link in one’s business bio is likely to attract interested people. Portraying a positive profile of a business is critical to its success on such a social media platform that engages its users on a visual scale. However grabbing someone’s attention within the limited space and among hundreds of other attractive posts demands a catchy bio for the business. Being the best platform for promoting physical products for most e-commerce sites, keeping one’s company’s bio original and engaging is crucial as this will not only enhance the company’s personality but also persuade the potential customers to join the circle.

Writing a perfect Instagram Bio should involve the following dimensions:-

·         A Profile Photo relevant to the business that would awaken the visual senses on visiting the page.

·         A proper named Username that will be displayed on top of the profile page and which will be easily searchable on Instagram search field.

·         Choosing appropriate words to summarize about the company and its activities in a Bio.

·         A Website Link which will allow the users to visit the company’s website page on one click.

·         An Email button which when clicked by a user would prompt the Instagram app to open its default mail app on the user’s phone.

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Home Assistant Robot

Any successful home assistant robot should have the ability to deal with every sort of “disturbance”. A similar Spotmini robot weighing 66 lb has been designed by Boston Dynamics to fit comfortably in a home or an office. Unlike Boston Dynamics’ other robots which are created to help people during disasters, Spotmini is designed to be a vaguely cute home or office assistant which calls for some extra capabilities than a disaster robot. Boston Dynamics has shown that progressive iterations of Spotmini can perform various tasks ranging from climbing stairs to bringing someone a Diet Coke. The mention of hazards to small children is not explicitly mentioned by Boston dynamics but the description of the robot depicted in the YouTube videos does hint at those types of challenges.

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Cyber Attacks: A potential threat

A potential threat that all businesses must be aware of is that of cyber attacks. Several data breaches have occurred in the past few years, the Equifax Data Breach in 2017 being the most noteworthy one. As a result, the legal repercussions have grown more stringent tightening the regulations on cyber security. Businesses could face severe consequences which includes consumer lawsuits, criminal charges for evading regulations and potential business shutdown. Consumers have sued companies on the ground of leakage of their confidential information furnished with respective businesses. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act along with few other acts have strongly enforced cyber security regulations. Failure to abide by these brings in huge losses for the business concerned. To avoid such powerful legal ramifications, small and large businesses both must adhere to cyber security regulations.

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AI in Finance and its Future Applicability

There is a growing concern about AI replacing human workers in almost all areas thus spelling out the fears of massive job loss, rise of robots and sophisticated computer changes to replace our world as we know it.  AI is being increasingly used in Financial Institutions where anyone availing robotic advisory services or has paid for transactions using bitcoins has also made use of AI in finance. We have probably noticed banks cutting on their staffs for addressing questions and processing transactions. This is because such financial institutions are deploying AI to help manage complicated programs, automate some trading systems and minimize the need for human support. It also plays an important role in helping with fraud detection and smart banking. Because of such advanced capabilities of AI, researchers like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk have pointed out the growing possibilities of AI developing  destructive methods against humans or teaching itself over time to fight against humans as it sees itself as a super intelligent system. According to the recent estimates by the experts, AI will gradually replace workers who perform repetitive tasks, thus predicting job loss numbers as high as 800 million people by 2030.

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Value through Data Monetization

Businesses having their analytics processes in place now resort to data monetization to reap benefits to the next level. Data monetization refers to deriving financial benefits from data sources. The largest tech companies nowadays are geared towards delivering the best user experience and collects proprietary data on which researchers perform analysis to derive insights and plan subsequent plan of action. Companies deploy block-chain ledgers to reduce processing loads and specialize in combination of big data and block-chain to bring increased profits. Even the smallest businesses benefit from e-mail monetization by leveraging data collected through the cheapest avenues possible. From managing a blog to small e-mail lists, linking helps in generating leads that turns data into money.

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Virtual Reality tour to save ancient Egypt’s ‘Sistine Chapel’

Built around 3250 years ago, the Tomb of pharaoh Ramesses II’s favourite wife, Queen Nefetari , is located in the valley of the Queens, near Luxor. The paintings of the tomb are so stunning that they have been compared to Italy’s Sistine Chapel. However in recent times the tomb is being opened to small group of visitors as the increase in humidity on entrance of the visitors, leads to increase in bacteria and fungi which are further damaging the beautiful paintings. = The virtual reality tour of Nefatari’s tomb is shown as it appears today although many have tried to recreate the site as it looked thousands of years ago. Improvement of holography technologies and virtual reality will surely fasten the process of making vivid virtual reality tours thus teleporting audiences across space and time.

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Innovation and Location Analytics

Almost 97% of the large companies leverage analytics and such data-driven businesses have emerged to be nearly 6% more profitable as indicated in a study by IDC. Location can be an address, a delivery route, a service boundary or a sales territory and along with disruptive technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, location analytics helps in brisk innovation of the players in the financial realm. It’s required to move towards the analytical maturity curve implementing a 360 degree approach. With the help of location analytics, the real change can be observed between growth of new applications and innovations, taking the trend from static to dynamic content followed by connecting content. There are certain prominent cases where location analytics has helped in increasing profits that include Tamecco, the Tokyo-based company that focuses on customer satisfaction to achieve the moto that location-based analytics assists a lot. Among others are the Grey Jean Technologies and Teemo with the tagline of “Drive-to-Store” engaged in revolutionizing retail advertising. It is expected of industries to benefit from technologies like geospatial intelligence, forecasting and visual analytics.

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