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Looking at Inventions of 2018

Innovations and Inventions do not stop for anyone. They are always surprising us with something new. Due to them, the world is moving towards future at a tremendous pace. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more are taking over various jobs and easing our life. 

Following are the most astonishing tech inventions of 2018:

  1. Crypto Anchors: They are digital footprints that helps to check product’s authenticity. They can either be codes or small computers embedded in a product and linked with blockchain.
  2. Omron Robots: Omron Robots are robots that are gradually taking place of factory workers. They not only lift heavy objects but also move at a rapid speed and can freely navigate the environment. 
  3. Myo Armband: This can be used both in video games and during surgeries. They hold the sensors in place.
  4. AI Microscopes: They found their application in studying underwater life. They can monitor sea creatures 24x7 providing us important data.
  5. Earprint: It is a new biometric identification device what send sounds to one’s ear. This sound is echoed back and this echo is different for every person.
  6. Online Supermarket: Online market is the major attraction for everyone. Sit at one place and order from anywhere makes our lives easy. Though this is not new but it has gain more attention.



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Tuesday, 25 February 2020
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