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How to track social media reach

Social media is important for any business as reach is a measure to how many people your brand and content are getting in front of. It is said that reach is top-of-funnel metric, but still is a metric that every social media marketer should be closely monitoring and continuously working to improve and can track your reach in all your individual social media platforms by looking at your follower growth, individual post reach, overall campaign reach, and your audience growth rate in various social media platforms.  Read more at:


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Emerge as a powerhouse on social media

Social media has emerged to be the answer to several marketing problems. Be it improving interactions with customers or finding new ways to boost sales, social media answers it all. Using social media, companies can directly interact with their customers instead of just advertising to them. Companies can emerge as social media powerhouse in the following three ways:

(i) Companies should not concentrate all their efforts on a single social media platform. Instead, they should make their presence felt in several social media channels so as to avoid alienating many prospective customers.

(ii) Social media marketers should maintain uniqueness when it comes to creating content and producing strategies.

(iii) Companies should raise their voice in social media. This helps to maintain brand consistency and create associations with customers. Read more at:

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