Market Intelligence

As your business strives for growth in new markets and existing ones, have you ever felt there are blind spots in your strategy – when it comes to markets, customers, competitors, employees ?

Have you ever felt there are missing links that stand between you and the optimum Return on your Investment ?

Are you overwhelmed with information from your environment and struggle to transform it into actionable recommendations for your business ?

Are you faced with questions that you know have answers out there, but haven’t had the time to look for ?

If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes” – then what you need is “Market Intelligence” – that targeted insight into your internal and external business environment that can spell the difference between “surviving” and “thriving” in your business.


Try out SigmaWay “Market Intelligence” offerings for near full visibility of what’s going on in your environment :

  • Sales Navigator – Nifty aids that provide Tactical and Strategic insights for an effective sales force
  • Market Compass – A multidirectional view of the market that everyone from your product managers to your CXOs would love
  • Business Radar – At your desktop - the 360 degree view of your business to make sure you are not missing out on matters that matter
  • Strategic Viewfinder – Tools that you need for a targeted vision to craft those game changing strategies


You can engage us in :

  • An on-demand short term project – we solve for time bound, specific questions that your business has
  • A long term ongoing assignment – our consultants partner with you for a longer period of time to meet your ongoing Market Intelligence needs
Contact us today for a “proof of concept” of what our “Market Intelligence” sleuths can do for you !

USA : +1 727 490 3166

India : +91 1147044570

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