Sales Navigator - Intelligence for an efficient sales force

Sales Navigator 

Your Sales Force should be focusing on what it does best – selling… while we do all the background work to help them look good to your prospects and your management.


To give your sales force the extra mileage, our “Sales Navigator” offerings provide both strategic insights and tactical inputs – which they might otherwise lose sight of, in their daily rush to meet targets. 


From building a targeted and prioritized prospect list, to putting together that elaborate sales presentation, or doing the analytics to identify what strategies are working for them, we do it all. Whether it is cleaning the data, or automating reports, or deriving key inferences from it, the “Sales Navigator” serves as a beacon for your business to chart a course in building an effective sales force. 


Some of our Sales Navigator Offerings (with many more possibilities that can be customized to your needs) :


Lead Generation
  • Identifying leads – focus where there is opportunity
  • Leads prioritization – identify the low hanging fruits
  • Lead management – keep the pipeline hot
Pipeline Monitoring
  • Conversion analysis – identify actions that convert a prospect to a customer
  • Deployment analysis – use your salesforce effectively
  • Win-loss analysis – know your strengths & weaknesses
Pre-Sales Support
  • Company profiling – know your customer
  • Solution designing – mapping customer needs to services provided
  • Competitive Benchmarking – know your winning pitch

You can engage us in

  • An on-demand short term project – we solve for time bound, specific questions that your business has
  • A long term ongoing assignment – our consultants partner with you for a longer period of time to meet your ongoing Market Intelligence needs
Contact us today for a “proof of concept” of what our “Market Intelligence” sleuths can do for you !

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