Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, AI
  1. Monash is seeking 2 x Lecturer / Senior Lecturer within the space of Digital Health - Image Analytics. Digital Health is a fascinating cross-university, cross-faculty, multidisciplinary space with enormous practical real-world and societal benefits that draws from and contributes to a multiplicity of research areas.
  2. Seeking a customer-focused, passionate and driven Data Science Engineer with experience in building analytic tools and solutions.
  3. All you need to know about data pre-processing, and how to build and optimize a regression model using Backward Elimination method in Python.
  4. This blog post is an overview of quantum machine learning written by the author of the paper Bayesian deep learning on a quantum computer. In it, we explore the application of machine learning in the quantum computing space. The authors of this paper hope that the results of the experiment help influence the future development of quantum machine learning.
  5. In recent years, I have heard the conversation of “find a mentor, you need a mentor to advance your career.” I received numerous requests from readers around the world to be their mentor. These requests encouraged me to think more closely about mentorship and the general expectations in the data science community.

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