Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, AI
  1. The UC Center for Business Analytics will present the Data Science Symposium 2019 on Oct 10 & 11, featuring 3 keynote speakers and 16 tech talks/tutorials on a wide range of data science topics and tools.
  2. The career path of the Data Scientist remains a hot target for many with its continuing high demand. Becoming one requires developing a broad set of skills including statistics, programming, and even business acumen. Learn more about one person's experience making this journey, and discover the many resources available to help you find your way into a world of data science.
  3. Also: The 5 Graph Algorithms That Data Scientists Should Know; Many Heads Are Better Than One: The Case For Ensemble Learning; BERT is changing the NLP landscape; I wasn't getting hired as a Data Scientist; There is No Free Lunch in Data Science
  4. How to turn a typical pytorch script into a scalable d6tflow DAG for faster research & development.
  5. The new emerging field that wants to study AI agents the way social scientists study humans.

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