Rapid Miner

Data Science Platform
  1. Learn about RapidMiner Managed Server, our services offering to install, configure, and maintain a RapidMiner environment for you.

    The post How to operationalize data science and machine learning without IT hurdles appeared first on RapidMiner.

  2. Learn about two phenomena: change of concept and drift of concept which demonstrate why models can't just be put into deployment forever.

    The post Why Your Models Need Maintenance appeared first on RapidMiner.

  3. Organizations are struggling to deliver the promised benefits of data science. We call this the 'model impact epidemic' and this post examines the macro trends that allow the epidemic to spread freely.

    The post 6 Trends Causing the Model Impact Epidemic appeared first on RapidMiner.

  4. We are proud to announce 5 new operators added across the Operator Toolbox and Smile extensions. Here’s an overview of these extensions and what’s new.

    The post 5 New Operators Added Across the Operator Toolbox and Smile Extensions! appeared first on RapidMiner.

  5. Whether in your business or personal life, you’ve probably had to work with someone incapable of accomplishing a task without being given detailed instructions every step of the way. That’s a bit like most modern computers. They’re tremendously capable if the problem they’re solving is well-defined. Machine learning is like working with someone who only needs […]

    The post Price Optimization appeared first on RapidMiner.

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