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  1. Over the summer the Data Science teams at RapidMiner were hard at work updating several of our extensions. We are proud to announce 6 new operators have been added across the Operator Toolbox, Smile, and Converters extensions. Here’s a quick overview of these extensions and what’s new. Operator Toolbox This extension adds a bunch of […]

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  2. Whether in your business or personal life, you’ve probably had to work with someone incapable of accomplishing a task without being given detailed instructions every step of the way. That’s a bit like most modern computers. They’re tremendously capable if the problem they’re solving is well-defined. Machine learning is like working with someone who only needs […]

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  3. RapidMiner Server and Studio can now use the SAML protocol to interact with any identity provider, and incorporate RapidMiner users to the general user management of the company.

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  4. If you’ve spent a good bit of time replacing connections while moving a process to production, struggled with collaboration within your team, or have simply found the current feature set too rigid, we have good news for you.

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  5. Data mining is the process of uncovering patterns inside large sets of structured data to predict future outcomes. Structured data is data that is organized into columns and rows so that it can be accessed and modified efficiently. Using a wide range of machine learning algorithms, you can use data mining approaches for a wide variety of use cases to increase revenues, reduce costs, and avoid risks. If you […]

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