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  1. Machine Learning is one of the biggest value drivers in modern analytics. Besides the popular news items like Google winning in Go and Starcraft, we have a ton of use cases already present in our daily lives. When comparing the value of ML in businesses you can see that there is a major difference to […]

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  2. From the first harnessing of economies of scale to the introduction of the assembly line, the search for new efficiencies has always been at the heart of manufacturing. Today, the greatest new gains come from the innovative combination of hardware and software. In particular, robotics has revolutionized manufacturing, allowing for greater output from fewer workers. […]

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  3. I love love love RapidMiner Auto Model. It’s just so fast and fun to upload some data and watch Auto Model build the best model. Over the years I’ve learned enough about Studio to build processes from scratch, but ever since Auto Model was released I just can’t stop using it. That’s why I was so excited when […]

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