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  1. Big data is helping online entrepreneurs address some of the most pressing obstacles that they have faced for years. Marketers have utilized deep learning technology to get a better understanding of their customers, so they can refine their creative and targeting strategies. However, there are less obvious applications of big data that are equally important. […]

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  2. Big data has made its way into virtually every industry. The real estate profession is no exception. Real estate professionals all over the world are benefiting from big data in a number of ways. CIO has published a very introspective article on eight companies that are using big data to disrupt the real estate industry. […]

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  3. There are countless applications of machine learning in 2019. The demand for machine learning developers is growing at a rapid pace. MIT recently announced that it is committing $1 billion to a new program to educate technology professionals about machine learning and artificial intelligence. New academic programs are likely to be launched to focus on […]

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  4. All technologies today are connected to cloud computing. And unsurprisingly, robotics as well. The biggest beneficiary of this mix of novel and complex technologies seems to be the manufacturing sector. By the end of this year, the global expenditure of robotics and robot-related services will reach approximately $135 bn. As a comparison, the 2015 expenditure […]

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  5. Trying to create the ultimate SaaS pricing strategy is tricky, to say the least. The point is to make yourself and your customers happy – you want your product to be properly aligned with value so you can earn revenues from it, while on the other side clients want something they deem “affordable.” If the […]

    The post Optimizing SaaS Pricing Strategy Based On Data Analysis appeared first on SmartData Collective.

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