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  1. Big data is changing the financial industry in a truly astounding way. Countless financial professionals are looking towards machine learning and other new tools to improve the quality of the services that they offer to their customers. K. Hussain of Atos Spain published a white paper on the growing relevance of big data in the […]

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  2. Big data has brought major changes to countless industries. Healthcare, finance, criminal justice, and manufacturing have all been touched by advances in big data. However, big data is also transforming other industries. The music industry is relying more on big data than ever. Darren Heitner wrote a great article on Inc. About the way that […]

    The post How Up-And-Coming Music Companies Use Big Data For Optimal Results appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  3. As industry buzzwords, “Big Data” is one of those phrases that has become seemingly ubiquitous.  Everyone wants to be using big data to better their operation.  The maintenance department is no exception to this trend. Accordingly, maintenance teams are beginning to embrace the use of big data and analytics to improve performance.  In emphasizing the […]

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  4. Gone are the days when storage of information can only be done with the traditional remote servers which are located in a secluded location. Today, the in-thing is cloud data storage where information and data are stored electronically online. With this approach, you can store unlimited data online (in the cloud) and access it anywhere. […]

    The post 5 Reasons Why You Should Store Big Data In The Cloud appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  5. Big Data is among one of the most impressive tech advancements that have hit the marketing world in recent memory. While it has been tossed around as a buzzword in certain circles, Big Data is so much more than just a phrase. For a definition, Oracle recommends Gartner’s 2001 description of Big Data, which describes […]

    The post How Big Data Is Transforming Social Media Marketing appeared first on SmartData Collective.

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