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  1. The telecommunications industry could benefit from big data more than almost any other business. However, it has been slow to invest in machine learning and other big data tools, until recently. A 2017 analysis by MapR showed that telecommunications industries can benefit from big data more than almost any other company. Big Data Leads to […]

    The post Is Big Data the Saviour of the Aging Telecommunications Industry? appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  2. When Alan Turing invented the first intelligent machine, few could have predicted that the advanced technology would become as widespread and ubiquitous as it is today. Since then, companies have adopted AI for pretty much everything, from self-driving cars to medical technology to banking. We live in the age of big data, an age in […]

    The post The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Web Design appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  3. Artificial intelligence is playing an invaluable role in manufacturing. According to CIO, the manufacturing industry is ultimately the main driving force behind AI advances. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated computers to control the movement of machines. This technology has been around for decades but […]

    The post CNC Machining Finds Innovative Ways To Leverage Artificial Intelligence appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  4. The senior care industry is undergoing a massive transformation. The biggest trend that it is facing is the growing need for eldercare services. Big data and artificial intelligence technology is going to play an extremely important role in the near future in the future of senior care. ¬†Artificial intelligence is expected to meet the growing […]

    The post AI Is Reaching New Milestones In Senior Care In 2019 appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  5. Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about online privacy. In December, a poll found that only 8% of Americans did not support any type of data protection policy. They believe that the government should do more to develop privacy safeguards. Unfortunately, the government is not going to take action anytime soon. If anything, we have taken a […]

    The post How Big Data Provides A Pivotal Foundation For VPN Data Security appeared first on SmartData Collective.

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