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  1. One poll found that 78% of employees would leave their current jobs if they could. However, employers still have a hard time finding employees. This would not be the case if they were able to identify employees soon enough and make great offers to them. Bernard Marr recently wrote a compelling piece in Forbes on […]

    The post Data-Driven Recruiting is Solving Decades-Old Hiring Challenges appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  2. Cybersecurity professionals have a hard job. Not only are they tasked with developing solutions to constantly changing risks, but they cannot know what those attacks will consist of until after they’ve already been launched. Though cybersecurity experts can certainly offer insights into what digital dangers may come next, these predictions are limited and make proactive […]

    The post Machine Learning Data on The Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity Efforts appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  3. For many years, people believed that technological breakthroughs were incompatible with religious ideologies. According to recent observations from both data scientists and leaders in religious communities, big data and religion are starting to finally merge. How will this affect our knowledge of religion? Big data and religion intersect in strange ways Although many people are […]

    The post What Does Big Data Say About Religion? appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  4. Data is being produced in massive volume in 2019. It serves a variety of purposes in many industries. The digital marketing industry is among the sectors that is most dependent on big data. However, marketers often overlook the benefits of using big data in traditional branding strategies, although they can be just as beneficial. You […]

    The post How Big Data Makes Traditional Branding More Effective Than Ever appeared first on SmartData Collective.

  5. Cybersecurity is a concern for organizations of all sizes. It’s also one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2026 information security analyst jobs will increase by 28%. So, it should come as no surprise that everyone is interested in what cybersecurity is going to […]

    The post Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019 appeared first on SmartData Collective.

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