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  1. Anna deleted page Have Sex with Your Mom when You Are a Girl Speedy: Sexually explicit

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    Heya Rock! Glad you’re still interested. Part of the idea of the break is to spend more time editing in other ways to refresh yourself on wiki guidelines and break the habit of going too fast in RCP, though, so a total break isn’t as suitable as a break to edit slowly and steadily in other areas. Try that for a week or so and then get in touch :)
  4. Added the Summary template to this article

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    <!-- Quick Summary code below. Please move/edit via section Edit link if needed. -->
    == Quick Summary ==
  5. Updated the Summary template for this article

    New page

    {{#quicksummary:bottom|For more help, including how to add sweet pet names when telling someone you love them in Spanish, read on!|To say “I love you” in Spanish, say “te quiero,” which you pronounce like “tay kee-ehr-oh.” You can use this common phrase with family, friends, and significant others. If you want to say “I love you” in a more romantic or serious way to your partner, say “te amo.” Pronounce this as “tay ah-moh.” With either of these phrases, you can add “mucho” at the end to show that you love that person a lot. Alternatively, you can tell someone you are in love with them by saying “estoy enamorado de ti” if you’re a man or “estoy enamorada de ti” if you’re a woman.}}

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