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  1. Over the years, it seems acceptance charts have not received as much attention as control charts even though they have been around since the mid-1950s. That must change. Acceptance charts have great potential for use in managing quality and Six Sigma.
  2. Associate feedback was clear. There were significant problems with the new operating system that were not evident to leaders of the mid-sized health plan support services business.
  3. Have you noticed the prices of things going up lately? When I was a kid, a candy bar cost 25 cents. Now, you pay north of $1.25 for the same treat. Well, how about your wages? Whats the price of your labor these days? Is it on par with the market?
  4. Anyone who wants to manufacture and market a product1 knows that the product must hold value for others who would want to use it. However, creating value for someone else never seems to be simple.
  5. Top-performing teams share secrets on building strong, successful squads. Representatives from 10 teams from ASQs International Team Excellence Awards Process offered insight on team dynamics, structure and leadership, and why they think their teams work so well. Along the way, they offered advice for you to build successful teams in your own organization.

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