Forbes - Social Media

Forbes - Social Media
  1. How has online advocacy changed political activism and how does new technology work to highlight allegedly political issues, many of which end up being quite apolitical in nature?
  2. Why people may have been caught off guard by lightning at a PGA event in Atlanta.
  3. Thanks to our smart phones, we have the power to capture videos anytime, anywhere. But most of those are transitory, frequently disposable micro-moments in time. Earlier camcorder technology motivated us to take much longer and much more impactful videos and family home movies. Videos of our souls.
  4. Far from a hopeless world of undetectable falsification, the rise of deep fakes is likely to mirror the rise of Photoshopped scientific imagery: troublesome, but with an ecosystem of automated and human approaches rising to counter it.
  5. As private companies increasingly define “truth” we are heading towards a frighteningly Orwellian world in which a handful of unelected digital dictators will construct our reality. Even Orwell could not have imagined a more dangerous dystopia.

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