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  1. Tibco has made a direct developer play designed to drive recognition of its technologies in areas where programmers are looking to build cloud-native applications. Known for its integration, API management and analytics stack, Tibco (sometimes written as TIBCO for The Information Bus COmpany) has now enhanced TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO Cloud Mashery and TIBCO Cloud...

    The post Tibco sharpens open source cloud-native developer toolkit appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  2. It’s hard to know whether to pronounce software infrastructure company Wind River as wind (as in eaten too many beans, that thing that makes sails billow out) or wind (as in snakey, twisty) river. It looks like its wind as in breezy mistrals on this link, so let’s go with that. Whether it be winding...

    The post Wind River pumps new beans into embedded Linux appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  3. There are many magic rings in this world… and none of them should be used lightly. This is true. It is also true that organisations in every vertical are now having to work hard and find automation streams that they can digitise (on the road to *yawn* digital transformation, obviously) and start to apply AI...

    The post Open source to become a ‘best practice’ appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  4. Elastic (the company known for the Elasticsearch open source text search and analytics engine and the Elastic Stack data analysis and visualition toolset) will now acquire Endgame. Endgame is a security company focused on endpoint prevention, detection and response. Elastic wants to add Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to its stack, so Endgame is...

    The post Robust for your pleasure: Elastic acquires Endgame appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  5. Data analytics company QuantumBlack is this month celebrating the launch of Kedro, its first open source project for data scientists. But what is Kedro? Kedro is a development workflow framework that structures a programmer’s data pipeline and provides a standardised approach to collaboration for teams building deployable, reproducible, portable and versioned data pipelines. In 2015,...

    The post QuantumBlack finds data pipeline solace in Kedro appeared first on Open Source Insider.

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