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  1. The Computer Weekly Open Source Insider team is running Ubuntu. More specifically, we’re running Ubuntu 19.04 on an originally Windows-empowered Lenovo laptop as a dual boot. NOTE: Incidentally, this is an altogether joyous experience… although the BIOS boot screen defaults to Ubuntu startup if you fail to choose between Windows and Ubuntu, which seems ever...

    The post Ubuntu 19.04 is here appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  2. The Computer Weekly Open Source Insider team spoke to Deepak Giridharagopal this week in his role as CTO at Puppet in an attempt to examine the true nature of open source openness. As defined in clear terms here, Puppet is an open source systems management tool for centralising and automating configuration management tasks relating to...

    The post Puppet CTO: an open source mindset is more than just a code dump appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  3. The Computer Weekly Developer Network and Open Source Insider team are off the nation’s capitol (we said capitol, not capital… it’s Washington DC) to witness the goings on at DataStax Accelerate. But before we get to the event, let’s sit back and remind ourselves who and what DataStax actually is. In the past, we have...

    The post What to expect from DataStax Accelerate appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  4. Elastic is a search company — it is the creator of the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash) — that is focused on making real time data usable at scale for search, logging, security and analytics use cases. The company’s Elastic Maps provides a way for end users to explore and analyse ‘diverse’ enterprise data...

    The post Elastic Maps expands horizon for geospatial analytics appeared first on Open Source Insider.

  5. Enterprise Linux company SUSE loves Linux, obviously. As Linux lives so prevalently and prolifically in the server rooms of so many cloud datacentres, the firm has worked to develop technologies designed to help those datacentres become software-defined. A software-defined datacentre being one that relies upon programmable elements of code that control, shape and manage many...

    The post SUSE: A new mantra from edge to core to cloud appeared first on Open Source Insider.

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