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How chatbots are helping in business

Business requires you to be as productive as possible so that the overhead costs are lower and profits are higher. But, not all business utilizes the tools they could be to make that really happen and one new tool that is gaining popularity, however, is not yet used by all businesses are the chatbots, a computer suite that interacts with humans over the internet. Their replication of human language and behavior provides several benefits that can be used in your business. They are: Saving time, saving money, providing greater customer satisfaction, increase customer base, cutting down errors etc. Read more at:


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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

In today’s date, Artificial intelligence is controlling our lives and with each passing month, AI is becoming ever more integral to our world. It is true that advertising and marketing are important in terms of partnering with digital creative agencies to find unique uses for the technology. It is also true that AI is transforming digital marketing in many ways from machine learning to building custom content. This article link explores five of the applications for AI that are already revolutionizing digital marketing. They are : Machine Learning, Behaviour analysis, Integrating Insights, Creating and Presenting Personalized Content. Read more at:


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GPS in Hospitals

Location-based tools can be easily imagined to be used for transportation purposes, but this technology has also recently been linked to the healthcare sector. With modern location data, you can easily find where all the physicians are and they can be easily called to the facility in a case of emergency. Similarly, an injured patient can be sent to the exact place in the facility that is not that busy as compared to others. Recently, a hospital in Wisconsin saved $850,000 in overtime staffing costs by placing a similar system. Find out more at:


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Ways for effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

There are many levels to an influencer marketing campaign, just like any other marketing strategy. The basics of these marketing strategy are vital i.e. find a fit for your brand, establishing a budget, and be thoughtful and thorough while you engage your influencers. But, it can be difficult to fine tune your campaign and catch how to quantify your investment, both for your team and for the people who approve your budget. So, this article link by Kristen Matthews (specialist in creating content) gives us some hints to get your numbers and strategies on point. Read more at :


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GPS in Hospitals

Location-based tools can be easily imagined to be used for transportation purposes, but this technology has also recently been linked to the healthcare sector. With modern location data, you can easily find where all the physicians are and they can be easily called to the facility in a case of emergency. Similarly, an injured patient can be sent to the exact place in the facility that is not that busy as compared to others. Recently, a hospital saved $850,000 in overtime staffing costs by placing a similar system. Find out more at:


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Using cloud technology to store data

As the data in the ‘datasphere’ is about to increase a thousand percent by 2025, data giants like Amazon and Google are looking forward to Object Storage, making File and Block storage methods the news of yesterday. But, even that is not enough, billions of dollars are being drained annually to improve the data centre around the world. Therefore, it’s time that we go to the next step, taking data storage out, into the space. Read more at:


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Deep Learning Application That Codes

The latest version of Deep Learning Application (Bayou) will help humans in programming. With the help of just a little information and some keywords, Bayou can almost predict the programmers brain. The researchers have used method of Neural Sketch Learning to train its Neural Network.  It can easily take over forums like Stack-Overflow because of its instant reply to programming problems. Read more at:


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Learning AI - The Right Way

Nowadays, we can hear about lot of myths surrounding AI and ML. This article link has busted those myths and allowed the truth to rise to its deserved place in the informational hierarchy. The basic misconception is that most of the people link AI and ML directly to robot, which is not true. Other than this, there is a whole other discussion of AI taking over humans, to which even Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk agreed. In some economical respects, these threats seem to be real, like self-driving cars replacing human drivers. But a new trend is on rise, in which the AI is included in the business structure by shifting the human staff to a new position. AI/ML is still an infant and hence we shouldn’t fear AI takeover anytime soon. Continue at:



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How to implement CRM in a better way

Taking full advantage of CRM system is not easy. But, many go unused because employees do not use it properly. Successful CRM utilization is done when teams use it not out of compulsion. This article link by Peter Kowalke (tech writer) explores the Keys for Better CRM Utilization. They are: seeking widespread involvement during implementation, implementing in small steps, getting Mobile CRM right, automating data entry, provide integration when employees need It. Read more at:


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Importance of creating a business website

Creating an effective business website is important as well as vital, since it requires you to be skilled in both web design and basic principles of marketing intelligence. While it is unquestionable that the main objective of a website is to send a message, but, the nature of this message varies on factors such as the industry, product, audience and even the way in which they reached you in the first place. The author explains the principles you must follow while creating a website. Read more at:


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Why chatbots are becoming important

Chatbots really have revolutionized the way small businesses handle customer support. Chatbots help to provide 24-hour support with zero costs. It is a fact that businesses use chatbots to communicate with a company than using an app. A research says that 37% of Americans also prefer to use chatbots in case of an emergency to get a quick answer to their questions. In the last few years, there have been great advancements in chatbots and AI technology.  This article explores the use of chatbots to generate leads, grow your email list, and boost sales. Read more at:


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Know the Power of Advanced Excel


The awesome power of Excel lies not only in its processing ability but also in its uniqueness. It is just like oil and water; our lives are governed by Excel from the beginning of office work. Most people will only cautiously sum up the odd columns, but there are many others who can really take advantage of complex calculations and analysis by using the advanced formulae and other analytical tools. So, take some time to play with the formulas and Excel will reward you big-heartedly with some great magic. It will immediately show you error when you use some wrong formulae e.g. it would hourglass for a while before finally concluding that there were not enough resources for that operation. 

Most importantly, did you ever harness the power of Advanced Excel i.e. macro, goal sheet analysis, what-if analysis, forecast sheets, data validation and pivot tables. These unique operations will not only help you to present data in a systematic, but will also help you in taking managerial decisions without wasting much time. Moreover, the knowledge of Advanced Excel will make you valuable in the eyes of your team members and boss. So, Excel is still indispensable in this age of big data.

If you still do not know Advanced Excel, it is better to up skill yourself rather than to do nothing.

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Benefits of Knowing Advanced Excel


What automatically comes to our mind when you hear the term, Microsoft Excel? Well, there are many possibilities that may come to your mind. You may think of number-crunching careers like accounting, finance or you can think of organizing and interpreting information more easily, making your resume more attractive. But, do not rule out other fields, such as non-profits, administrative work, health care etc. where you could really make the most of your Microsoft Excel training. 

Whether you are working with cells or protecting relevant information or creating charts or formulae or integrating Excel with other software, you may find numerous uses for Excel as a student or an employee or an entrepreneur or a COO.  

But, first let us understand why Microsoft Excel is becoming a valuable as well as universal tool in today’s business world. MS Excel is a spreadsheet that empowers users to organize huge data by performing functions like calculations, graphs, pivot tables, data analysis among numerous other features. So, in short, Microsoft Excel makes it easier to interpret numbers and information in an organized manner and thereby, helping in taking managerial decision quickly. Moreover, MS Excel has several abilities that are suitable for information management. They are: 

• Arranging information in an organized manner

• Filter those information with the help of the tools available and

• Lining up and reviewing that information to take any decision.

the common jobs, besides finance or accounting, where Microsoft Excel skills are necessary are:

• Business analysts and Consultants

• Students

• Marketing managers

• Project Managers

• Administrative assistants etc.

Therefore, if you want to gain some knowledge of Microsoft Excel, here are some convincing reasons to learn it:

1. Improve your skills - Advanced Microsoft Excel training teaches you a huge array of skills including the ability to:

a. Visualize and manipulation of data

b. Build complex equation to get answers about company finances, efficiency, workflow, inventory etc.

c. Clean up data, analyze data and information quickly and accurately

d. Put data intelligently and usefully in front of high level management

e. Solve business problems with the advanced application of data etc.

2. Make your resume look better – It is a fact that recruiters are always on the lookout for hot keywords in the resumes and when they find that Advanced Excel is listed on your resume, they may be more likely to give your resume a closer look. 

3. Organize and interpret information more easily – MS Excel is not just a huge spreadsheet with endless rows and columns.  It is that instrument that sorts and filter lists, track numbers, create formulas, perform calculations, develop graphs and charts and many such things. If these skills give you the impression that they could be a great enhancement to your career, then an online course in Excel is good for you. 

4. Upskilling and Increase Value as an Employee – It is imperative to upskill yourself at work. It is obvious that more skills like Advanced Excel will increase your value as an employee as you will do quality work in a minimum span of time and become indispensable to your employer. So, upgrade yourself by constantly learning, starting with advanced Excel.

Learning Advanced Excel online course from SigmaWay will provide you the whole new dimension in your career as you will be capable to build solutions in different worksheets and workbooks, produce multifaceted charts, organize and arrange information, forecast data accurately, make use of advanced functions, safeguard information and design standard design templates. The case based training fulfills the significance of developing complex Excel results with using improved solutions, dashboard, pivot tables and pivot charts. 


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Important Benefits of Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is becoming increasingly important for organizations as the tools that help employees to make the most use of data and in turn maximizing the return on investment. Companies now are collecting even greater volumes of data from multiple sources which includes in-store-transactions, online sales and social media. These data are helping organizations to collate and analyze data quickly and effectively.

Excel spreadsheets are regularly being used across all domains of business to display financial information and other data which are meaningful and relevant to the business. For example, this can be data which are relevant to the sales, finance, marketing, HR or the CRM dept. You can build top quality charts using Excel that can be used effectively for adding extra emphasis to business reports and make an efficient marketing material. Besides, the users of Excel can make the full advantage of conditional formatting and analyzing trends and make helpful forecasts by the use of some advanced formulas and forecasting tools. it also help users to bring information from various files and documents together so that it exists in a single location. Read more at:


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Importance of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is nowadays becoming significant for organizations of all sizes as it provides real time insight into company’s data, which in turn ensures that growth and savings opportunities are not missed at all. It is a fact that data provide valuable information that organizations can use to make better decisions improve productivity and boost revenues. But, sometimes adopting business intelligence can be a challenge. Many organizations accept that it is critical to their success but find hard to implement it. Recent research revealed that 9 out of 10 B2B companies were in the same dilemma. But, choosing the right tool, investing in the right training, confirming the right deployment and increasing user adoption are some ways by which you can easily overcome with the right strategy. Read more at:


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Future of CRM

The future of CRM is all about Artificial Intelligence chatbots which will help in transforming these platforms and enable sales and marketing teams to respond in a better way to their customers. This article link by Will Kelly, Tech writer and analyst, tells us about the five reasons why the future of CRM will include bots and their importance. 1. Enable Bot-to-Bot Scheduling Across Your Teams, 2. Promote Self-service CRM, 3. Automate Customer Support Services, 4. Improve Lead Scoring, and 5. Integration of a chatbot into your CRM system can help solve the problem of data loss. Read more at:


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Know the advantage of learning Arduino

Arduino is usually an open source electronics platform accompanied with a hardware and software so that anyone can design, develop and test complex electronics prototypes and products. Besides, the hardware consists of a micro controller with other electronic components which generally can be programmed using the software to do almost any task.

What makes Arduino different from others is the simplicity of the Arduino language that helps to write complex codes easily. Arduino is said to be an excellent designed open source platform where specially designed boards which can be programmed using the Ardunio Programming Language or APL.

Nowadays, the presence of Arduino is not only spreading among hobbyists, but it is also expanding its roots in different sectors and used by experts for making prototypes of commercial products. To know more, read:

To experience it live, you can join the workshop by registering yourself at:


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The five most important applications of machine learning

These days, artificial intelligence becoming very common in everyday life. Some people can feel scary with the rise of AI technology especially machine learning. But, at the same time, it is also very exciting and has the capability to make the world a better and safer place. The author, Mark Blitz, an analyst, takes us through the five most important and practical applications of machine learning that are currently making an impact. They are driver less technology, facial recognition & security, law enforcement, healthcare and language translation. Read more at:


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All About Mobile App Analytics

The year 2017 was a great year for mobile apps and mobile app analytics. According to a research, it was found that the number of app downloads grew to almost 200 billion over 2017 and revenues from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store rose 35% percent. It is also found that in the holiday season of 2017 more people did their holiday shopping on mobile than on desktop. The most important factor in the mobile industry is the app analytics as it helps to monitor crashes, improve usability, increase user retention, optimize mobile marketing and advertising, thereby giving developers the data they need to create an app. Read more at:


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Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Recruiting

Sourcing and recruiting is the main task of any recruiting company. But, the recruiting organization need to attain a deep understanding of talent. At present, there are several ways to evaluate applicants, but at the end, recruiters and hiring managers have always had to hire with a hope the candidate will perform well and this can be costly. That is why predictive analytics is needed to employ the right candidate as it improves ROI on new hires, sets new hires up for success, builds institutional confidence by reducing turnover, increases time to hire and saves recruiters time. Read more at:


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