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Lean Principles For On Job Training

Learning and Development experts believe that the process of learning and remembering can be broken down into four basic stages:
§ Sensory Memory
§ Working Memory
§ Long-term Memory
§ Transfer to Job Memory
Lean Principles are applied to these stages of learning for a more effective training in the following ways:
• Lean Training Techniques for Sensory Memory – The basic motive of the trainer in this stage is to remove any distractions from the room and add things that draw the trainee’s pre-conscious attention to the training.
• Lean Training Techniques for Working Memory – Better training materials with working memory on mind can be done in the following ways:
1.)  Creating a set of “Learning Objectives” and including only training materials that support those objectives.
2.) Breaking down the training into small “chunks” and organizing those in such a way that it helps in learning..
3.) Keeping it Simple and Short
4.) Keeping the training active
5.) Providing job aids when it is not necessary to memorize.
• Lean Training Techniques for Long-term Memory – When information is moved from the working memory to the long term memory, it is stored in little “packets” of related information called “schemas”. Hence it would be helpful if new information is introduced relating it to the information already known by the trainees.
• Lean Training Technique for Transfer to the Job – The final step of any training is transferring information from training and applying it on the job. This can be done by:
1.) Explaining workers how it will benefit them.
2.) Providing sufficient hands-on exercises.
3.) Providing work in real work environment.
4.) Providing realistic simulations in training when possible.
5.) Testing workers at the end of the training to see if they can satisfy learning objectives.
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Saturday, 25 January 2020
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