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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in 2017

In recent times, innovation of machine learning and artificial intelligence has changed the paradigm of the tech world. Some trends prominent in the development of machine learning are: (i). Big companies are developing machine learning based artificial intelligence systems and it will continue to grow, (ii). Along with data, with the development of machine learning, algorithm economy is expected to develop more, which will distinguish small business from the large ones, (iii). Interaction between machine and humans is expected to increase. In conclusion, machine learning and artificial intelligence is expected to grow but humans can’t be completely replaced right now. Read more at:


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Data Exhaust and It’s Uses

Data exhaust refers to the data generated as trails or information byproducts resulting from all digital or online activities. These consist of storable choices, actions and preference information that are generated for every process or transaction done digitally. This is mainly produced by manufacturers and retailers. A lot of data are collected by manufacturers, which they don’t need, but it’s needed by suppliers or for quality control. Data exhaust is also a revenue opportunity; the data which is not needed by the manufactures can be sold to the suppliers or a chain of suppliers. Read more at:


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Data Science in Advertising

In the recent years, advertising has become more accurate and particularly with the support of better information. This expansion in accuracy is due to the development of computerized advertising. 5 reasons how data science could be the advertising wave of the future are: (i) it is a requirement for marketers, it gives advertisers the capacity to set up client profiles and design coordinated strategies, (ii) portable applications can give knowledge about client’s conduct on the web and their interests, (iii) it helps in streamlining and enunciation of the client travel, (iv) it helps in increasing brand income and also increases advertising spending plans, (v) cloud capabilities helps advertisers run investigations on an assortment of data. Read more at:


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India- The Vibrant Telecom Market

Telecommunication sector in India is one of the fastest growing entities,contributing significantly to the GDP. It is expected to provide huge employment opportunities in the next five years and the smartphone market will surpass the US to be the second largest in the world.There has been high FDI and companies like Bharti Airtel,Apple,Reliance have realised the benefits of investing in this area. The government too has been proactive to ensure that customers get access to a smooth and hassle free network. India is estimated to have 700 million internet users by 2025 and the introduction of 5G spectrum in the near future provides a bright future ahead for the Indian telecom market.Read more at:



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Central Government Jobs in 2018: A Steep Rise

Central government jobs are estimated to increase by 2.83 lakh in 2018,growing from 32.84 lakh in 2016. The major recruiter will be the Police department followed by postal service. The Ministries of Home,External Affairs,Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,Civil Aviation,Mines and many others will add substantially to their already existing workforce. The Ministry of Water Resources estimates an addition of 3632 members for River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation. The scenario is quite encouraging for the young generation of the country as the government is emphasizing on employability and enhanced skill development. Read more at:


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Tips to Save Money Nowadays

The best way to save money is to have a savings goal. A savings account has to be chosen wisely and a fixed amount every month must be deposited in that account. Setting up an emergency fund is necessary. Carefully considering the monthly expenditure is another aspect and setting up a budget for future from that is advisable. One should find smart ways in shopping like comparing between sites and be tech-savvy in using apps which offer attractive discounts time and again. A Flexible Spending Account(FAS) for emergency purposes is a way to save money before tax deduction. Finally,tracking the progress throughout in regular intervals will ensure better savings in the present day.Read more at:


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Pricing Technique in Airlines

A research on airline pricing has revealed that flight carriers adopt a pricing system which is far different from the conventional dynamic pricing. Seats are priced over a time series before a flight's departure,not by the number of seats available at a time. Ticket prices have the probability to be the cheapest 5-7 weeks prior to the departure. Flight companies always want to ensure full capacity takeoffs. So the 'seat bucket' at lower prices increase when they perceive that sale is not up to the mark. Moreover,there is a 'seat bucket' for a particular price. Ten days before departure,price to decrease has the least probability. Hence a customer who waits last-minute discounts might fail to absorb his intended benefits.Read more at:



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Guidelines for Buying a New Television

Buying a television by simply looking at specifications is not advisable. There are a lot of factors:
(i)Choosing the screen size and resolution: HD is sufficient for a 40 inch TV as 4K is not of much use on smaller screens. 
(ii)Choosing the screen technology: OLED is better than LED but not always a better buy. Either of HDR or HLG or Dolby Vision is enough for an enhanced viewing.
(iii)Choosing the operating system: There are options like Android TV,Tizen OS and WebOS available to make a choice.
(iv)Visiting a store
(v)Going through average reviews online
Finally setting up an approximate budget for experiencing the basic new-age technologies is necessary to bring home a new TV.Read more at:
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Buying a Used Car?Here Are The Guidelines

Things to look out for while buying a used car include checking the car's interior and exterior,performing a test drive,checking out fuel leakage,to have a professional mechanic inspect it,reading reviews online,reviewing the demanded price,decoding the VIN,looking into the vehicle's performance report and going through all the papers and documents of the car. A used car can be a buyer's headache if not examined properly before purchase.Read more at:


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Startups In India At Present

In June 2017, the Government of India, launched Startup India Hub to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and skills about startups in India. It has invested 10,000 crores in this regard to help new companies combat the lack of capital. With the definition of a startup being changed (a market existence of 7 or lesser number of years); startups are a major employer at present. The implementation and entrepreneurship has to be improved and a conducive atmosphere has to be created alongside for posting a positive message to the thriving and aspiring startups in India. Read more at:  


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Automation and Unemployment

Research has estimated a loss of about 6 - 7.5 million jobs in the US within the next 10 years due to automation. The worst hit will be the retail sector where the sales division is most likely to get automated. Women working mostly as cashiers are the most vulnerable. 'Stock shelves' and 'inventory control' will be made easy by robots. With increasing wages in the retail sector and stiff competition from e-stores like Amazon, automation is beneficial from the producer's point of view but the idea is devastating for employability in the retail sector. Read more at:


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Start Small,Dream Big: Success Tip for a Start-up Business in India

Capital is the backbone of every new business and is the most concerning issue for every startup. However, a new business can be set up at a minimal cost if one has the acumen to achieve big. Creating a market with proper strategies can be a matter of time. In India, there are several options to start a business with only 10,000 in your pocket. To name a few, these are: Travel, Breakfast Joints, Fruit Juice Kiosk, Online Bakery, Blogging, Event Management, Online Courses, Customized Jewellery and Garments, Fashion Designing, Script Writing and Consultancy Services. Dreams, once chased, can be realized and the whole world can be conquered with these small steps. Read more at:


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Logistics Industry in India: Present and Future Prospects

The logistics industry in India is growing rapidly because of the growth in retail, e-commerce and manufacturing sectors. Though it has been underperforming over the years, it has received importance recently and is expected to reach a worth of $2 billion by 2019. Lack of facilities, technology and manpower have been reasons for the loss in the perishables sector. Better infrastructure, better storage, better network and warehouse facilities are the way forward. The sector is currently using IT solutions and the hub-and-spoke model for freight movement. It provides end-to-end supply chains to the consumers and being a key player in the economy, it is expected to grow by 10-15% annually in years to come.Read more at:  


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Productivity tools for marketing managers

Marketing Managers requires excellent productivity tools for smooth functioning. The best productivity tools are Collaborative, Easy to use and Cloud-based. The article explains the 7 best productivity tools for marketing managers:

i. Trello

ii. Slack

iii. CoSchedule

iv. Quip

v. Github

vi. Waffle

vii. Mention

Read more at:


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Ways to Understand User Intent


More than 4 billion searches are performed through Google with a need and those businesses that can fulfill these needs are the ones who are gaining success. To attract customers to any brand, one needs to grasp what people are looking for. This is what user intent is. There are three types and stage of User intent: Navigational: user looks for something specific, Informational: User is researching and gathering information about the product, Transactional: In this stage, the user is ready to buy. The brand must be ready for these three stages of user intention. Below are the ways that helps in determining user intent: 1) Going beyond key words. 2) Considering the buying cycle. 3) Identifying the queries. 4) Understanding the customers. 5) Ask your customers directly. Read more at:

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  Is Outsourcing Market Intelligence a better option?

Businesses need to keep track with the dynamic environment, changing competitor strategies and its market share to stay ahead. But to do this companies hire analysts or redistribute work among the existing employees. This involves an additional money cost apart from the time taken to select appropriate employees. Also there involves dissemination of information after figuring out its format. Outsourcing a market intelligence service to MI provider such as Sigmaway LLC  would reduce effort and cost of the company where a skilled team of analysts are better able to monitor changing patterns. Read more at:


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Artificial Intelligence and Meta-Vision

The first and foremost usefulness of artificial intelligence lies in the fact that it helps companies to predict the outcome of a conference call which is profitable for the company. AI is mainly based on machine learning and it helps in solving problems using past experience, known variables and outcomes, thus replacing the jobs that were previously performed by humans. But in case of company outlook this cannot be used as there are no past experiences to depend on, also risks and opportunities maybe overlooked. AI can also be useful when there is ‘bionic fusion’ which is facilitated by meta-vision. Meta-Vision helps in navigating market forces and assessing the competition to monitoring public relations media engineering. Thus, it can be seen that with the help of AI and meta-vision, predictions can be made about quarterly earnings calls, earned media, etc. Read more at:


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Effects of GST on Online Shopping

"Online shopping will be drastically affected by implementation of GST.  The article explains how GST will bring changes in online shopping, the areas which will be affected by this are:

• Tax collected at source

• Faster delivery

• End of freebies and discounts

• Shopping from global players

• Returns and cancellations will get difficult 


Read more at:"


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Knowledge of insights with social listening

Social listening is all about searching the web for mentions and conversations that are of specific interest and analysing those to gain meaningful insights. Campuses use this marketing tool to create new programs, measure brand awareness etc. Data can be easily assessable and analysts with right sets of tools can analyse the trends. Research analysts at Brandwatch analysed conversations about college search to scrutinize the behaviour of students and parents on their concerns about colleges. They were able to get most frequent words used and also a word cloud showcasing sentiments. Social listening can be used in other areas of campus as well such as selecting academic programs and alumni relations. Read more at:


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Chatbots And Social Media Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, marketing is not possible without social media and the chatbot has become the newly-adopted social media tool. Chatbots helps in your social media marketing strategy and also increases website traffic and sales while providing Artificial Intelligence assistance which in turn will help you to communicate better. Use chatbots as an analytical tool and optimize it for conversions. Read more at:

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