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Social media tips for babysitters

Consider to be one of the most attentive and tiring job, babysitting also hold some social media boundaries. Here are some of the tips for babysitters -:

1. Check the content before posting in social media 

2. Ethical use of social media 

3. Make it clear that it isn't just about the photos

To know more, please read the article by Lauren Levy (writer at Popsugar)-:


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Social media guideline for job seekers

According to a recent study, it is being found that around 60% of employers now use social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter to research potential job candidates.  The survey also showed that 21% of hiring managers admitted that they were looking for information that would lead them to not hire someone.

So here are some tips for you -:

1. Avoid using provocative or inappropriate photographs, information about drinking or using drugs, racial, religious or gender-based comments.

2. Before sending your resume out, take a good look at your online presence

To know more, please read the full article by Kate Hornsby ( writer at -:




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Plugin into life by unplugging the social media

Social media puts on a lot of pressure to the people who use it. Using Social media comes with a price, the users have to be on their toes and come up with innovative pictures and statuses. The famous vlogers, bloggers on social media advises everybody to be out in the open and to live their lives rather than contemplating about their next social media update.  Updates in social media can be a headache at times as the users have to live up to societal pressures and their reputation. Check out the whole blog by clicking on the link :


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How social media is bonding people

The church leaders are noticing how social media helps in engaging and building relationships with its members. When the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury joined twitter they immediately had a huge number of followers. Among the many advantages of the social media, the church seems to have found the social media of great help. It is said that faith towards Christianity is a 24*7 job and social media is a part of the everyday lives of many. So it is logical that both will overlap at some point. Find out what else the church is saying about social media at:


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Social Media Accounts and what happen to them when you die

There are more than seven billion people in the world and imagine the number of people who use social media. Now imagine what will happen to the social media accounts of people who die every year. Your social media account is your identity to the world in today's time. So what happens to all the data which are carefully password protected? What do you do with it? Check out the link below to know what happens to the social media account when a user dies at:


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Teenagers and social media

While social media is a boon to us, it also is making teens lose their sleep. One in three teens, according to a study says that teens lose sleep over gadgets, social media. Sleeplessness can cause a person to be irritable, depressed and reduce concentration. Read more at:


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Alternative route to advertise

We all love social media and know how it’s helping companies leveraging their markets share by advertisement everyday but the truth is something else.

 According to 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, the truth has been revealed:

• Only 45% of Facebook marketers feel their efforts are effective

• Only 42% of marketers believe they can accurately measure their social media results


But advertisers can choose an alternative route to promote their product which are as follows 

1. Retail Checkout Lines

2.  Mobile

3. Email advertisement 

To know more, please read the article written by Liesha Petrovich at The Huffington Post -:



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Social media helping TV soaps

Game of thrones have fan worldwide and social media is leveraging the madness among fans. With the Sunday premier show, GoT shows how social media can help a tv soap to trend worldwide. Here are some figures which are worth mentioning -:

• Social media buzz 

# 829,000 Twitter mentions of HBO, Game of Thrones (#GOT), HBO Go and HBO Now


# Fans used #GOT 602,000 times


# HBO earned 248,000 mentions


• Attracting advertisers 


During the hour of the show, nearly 200,000 interactions happened on social, generating the highest demand for TV-Ads to feature in that hour.


To know more, please read the article written by Justin Lafferty ( Adweek contributor)-:


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Cia monitoring the social media

CIA is getting serious about monitoring social media and with their venture capital In-Q-Tel investing in high-tech companies, they want to ensure that they remains on top of the latest and greatest technology breakthroughs and advancements. For example Geofeedia, which collects and analyzes geo-tagged posts on social networks like twitter and Instagram which the actual used to track news events in real-time.

To know more, please read the article written by YONI HEISLER (writer at -:


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Which is the most liked app among teens?


According to recent study, snapchat is the most popular app among teenagers in US. A survey on 6500 teens in US to see what their opinion about the most important social network, 

# 28% voted for Snapchat 

# 27 % voted for Instagram which is a very close call

Leaving the rest for twitter and facebook. The study shows that teens tend to be more interested in viewing pictures and videos rather than text-focused media seen on Twitter and Facebook . Snapchat introducing things like Snapchat Discover and debuting live coverage at the Oscars,  as well as the popular face swapping feature and constantly adding new filters for images makes it interesting while other apps failed to do that. 

To know more, please read the article by written by Kelen Beck (Tech news reporter intern at Mashable)  -:


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A week without social media

What if we tell you that staying away from social media for a week will benefit more than workout or even swimming. At least an independent study says it’s true. Here are some thing you must try to avoid anxiety, depression and health hazards caused by social media -:

# Try to be on bed without your phone -: lesser will be the contact with your phone, happier you will be.

# Workout to tone your body and to be fit 

# Learn how to be alone - We are constantly connected to social media which create an illusion that we are never alone but it’s important to take some time for yourself. 

To Know more , please read the article written by FlockU in The Huffington post -


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Social media touch points to gain supernatural growth in business.

Social media touch points to gain supernatural growth in business.

Social media presence escalades the business scenario of the company. Before you publicize your business, you should know few touch points in social media marketing. You should take a close look on your regular followers and try to understand their perception regarding your business. Encourage your customers to join your social campaigning. Make a deep search of relevant and influential people who can boost your business via social platform. Sometimes post something new and fun without the use of social sync tools and auto-follow apps. Post interesting and unique things in the social wall to get popularity. Don't limit your business profiles to only the most popular social media sites-like Facebook and Twitter. With the exception of your time, small business social media marketing is free so take advantage of the many social networking sites out there.

To read, follow:


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How social media is changing the Middle East

Middle East Asian countries are being stereotyped as conservative countries but with changing times and technologies evolving, such thoughts will soon be a myth. Iranian youngsters are helping their mother land for the tourist who visiting by showing warm, fun and defiant reality of everyday life in their country. They are using social media to connect with people. This is helping local vendors as well as art museums and exhibits to put attract visitors. You  can easily guess by this figure that Iran has close to 45,000 Facebook members and has branched out to Tumblr, Instagram and Telegram Messenger social media is becoming an integral part of Iranian culture.

To know more, please read the article by Gus Serendip ( Writer at The Guardian) -:




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How B2B can use social media

Social media has emerged as the best sailing ship of all time and now B2B companies are also using to social media to position themselves in this competitive market. Here are some tips on how B2B companies can take the most out of social media -:

# Creating valuable content -: Content is king and keeping in mind content should be taken care the most. Developer should create good content and tag prospect customer.

# Focus on brand identity -: Companies should focus on sales or conversion but they need to  present the content in a way that’s meaningful to customers and prospects.

To know more please read the article written by The Young Entrepreneur Council in Small Business trends - :


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Video memes - New way to express your feelings

We share smiley, pictures and even videos, share our emotions, but now video memes can be used to express the same. App developers have created an app which can create video memes. Developers believe that it can replace the images and GIF's. This app has a full library of some 5,000 clips, or you can browse categories like "Excited," "Love," "LOL," "Angry," etc. We can share it to imessage or Messenger, as well as other networks like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, GroupMe and more. Videos are shared in MP4 format. To know more about this app, please read the article by Sarah Perez (writer at TechCrunch) -:


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How to answer all queries in social media

Social media is important to every business and relationship with customers. According to a research customer's expect to get a response through social media got doubled since 2013 and still 7 out of 8 messages to companies go unanswered for 72 hours. Customers want all their queries to be answered which include marketing information and customer service which marketing managers are not trained to answer. To solve this query teams need to be cross functional and follow these steps -: • Develop a social care team which can address all social information effectively and efficiently

• Create brand guidelines for standards, tone, and style of social media communication

• Assign specific employees from each department to social media tasks

To know more, please read the article written by Keith A. Quesenberry ( writer at Harvard Business Review ) -:


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Tools for boosting & manage your Instagram Social marketing

Instagram become more than just a regular picture sharing app. With a user base projection of over 500mn in 2016, Advertisers are choosing Instagram over conventional media tools even in events like the super bowl. So here are some tools one can use to manage your Instagram strategies-: # Gramfeed: Social media management and search engine for Instagram. It is useful for advanced searches for trending hashtags, dates, location, users and influencers. One can visualize photos on a map and manage multiple accounts as well as other basic features from Instagram, such as posting comments, managing followers, etc.

# Repost: This app makes it simple to share photos and videos posted by others, directly from your mobile device, while giving credit to the original post (and user). This app is helpful, if user generated content is part of the content strategy. 

To know more about various other tools, please read the article by Frederic Gonzalo (Author at -:



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How to measure social media ROI

The main challenge of measuring ROI is keeping up with changes in algorithms, implementing the new tools that reach the marketplace and proving to your customers that they're getting the most extinct of their investment in you. Here are five steps for your ROI measurement strategy: - • Set Social Media Goals - ROI can be measured in a variety of ways: through customer acquisition, lead generation, clicks, revenue, contest entries, etc. It all depends on your goals. To know more, please read the article by Graham Gullans:

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How B2B Companies Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage

B2B companies currently utilize social media platforms to enhance their content marketing strategies. Nowadays, B2B marketers are utilizing these platforms effectively. This has helped to improve customer engagement and brand relationships. To know more, please read the article by "The young entrepreneur council": -



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Prediction of gentrification by social media

A new research has found that social media posts and check-ins can be applied to anticipate when an area is about to be gentrified. Researchers from the University of London investigated thousands of social media posts on Twitter and Foursquare to determine what venues and what neighborhoods brought people together of heterogeneous background versus those that attracted homogenous crowds. To know more please read the article by Jonathan Simrin (seeker's web producers): -

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