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Tips for keeping your business on social media

Social media is one of the effective ways for business to build their brands and to influence people to purchase goods and services. While most executives understand the benefit of social media, they don't realize the magnitude of the risk it creates. Here are some security tips for use of social media and general online for employees:-
1. Avoid employment disclosure.
2. Teach employees to manage their privacy settings.
3. Implement a workplace social media policy.
4. Don’t ban social media use in office.
5. Train the IT specialist.
To know more, please read the article by Robert Siciliano (CEO of ID

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Does social media really bring us to the reality?

Social media platforms are influential sources which are employed by government, corporate, and academics to study human society. Social media has played an important part in getting us closer to the "real" during a conflict. It can also take us further away by constantly viewing conflicts on a buzz feed list or Instagram post which seems to be unreal. To know more, please read the article by Ellie Mae O’Hagan : 

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How social media is helping Indian Railways

Indian Railways has solved many issues of distressed passengers using social media platforms. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said in his rail budget speech that his ministry had set up a social media cell responsible for taking action on passengers' request for help. After turning social media for feedback and complaint redressal mechanism, Railways are helping their passengers more efficiently. To know more, please read the article of Hindustan times -: 



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Social Media for National Security

Social media has changed the world, but has opened huge exposures for national security. With "Digital dust" trails, intelligence officers are vulnerable in many ways. CIA recruiters even found that the questions they asked in the interview are being posted online by candidates. But it is also helping investigators to solve cases using social media. Investigators are using social media even in undercover, covert and even in internal security operations. It is being suggested that some guidelines should be maintained for men and women who serve over country for social media utilization. To know more, please read the article by Philip Ewing (Writer at NPR) -:


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How to find jobs using Social Media

Getting jobs these days are tuff. But, social media is helping people to get jobs. Here are some steps that you can follow to get a job -:

1. Set up strong profiles -: Create strong profiles on all social networking sites using short bio to show interest and skills for good online presences.


2. Start Networking -: Use social media to grow communication and professional network.


3. Get Recommended on LinkedIn -: Recommendations with positive references attract recruiters and manager.


4. Let Others Know You Are Looking -: Let your friends and relevant contacts know about what type of job you’re looking at.


5. Actively Seek Out Openings with Hashtags -: Use hashtags ‘#’ to search for relevant jobs.


6. Research Employers and Hiring Managers before Applying -: Social media profiles can be used as a research tool before applying for a job.


To know more, please read the article by Maria Onzain ( Writer at -:


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4c's of social media success

Social media is becoming the key factor in globalization. To sustain in this environment, corporates should follow the 4 C's of social media which are as follows-:

1. CONTENT: It demands fresh and original thoughts which create uniqueness and attracts people to like and share.

2. CONTEXT-:  Context is the direction to your content which explain where and how to carry your idea in social media

3. CONSISTENCY -: Consistency is key to everything in social media. It’s essential to be consistent.

4. CONNECTION -: Social media is all about building connections which if not done properly rise to fame won’t last long.

To know more, please read the article by Calvin Wayman (Founder of and contributor at The Huffington Post) -:


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Impact of social media in fashion industry

Fashion week was initiated for designer to preview next season's clothes to editors and influencers but now it is being superseded by social media. With apps and Livestream shows, fashion industry has switched to digital platforms and collections are now more public. Showcasing fashion shows live on Instagram and Snapchat promotes the see-now-buy-now approach. To know more, please read the article by David Yi (Writer at Mashable India) -:



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The line between social media and CRM has obscured

Optimization of CRM is highly correlated to the social media presence of a company. Customers frequently generate queries via social media. So there are some steps that can be followed to create a position in the customer's mind by establishing good connections between social media and CRM.

1. Right platform should be chosen.

2. Must have a dedicated human resource to handle the social media activity and patch them up with marketing team who handles CRM.

3. Instead of putting one liner FAQs, try to personally resolve critical issues in time.

4. If you have a different presence in multiple social media, then deploy time understanding the importance

5. Start listening your customers’ point of view about you and react proactively.

6. When you are segmenting your customer, you should be prepared for queries. Centralize them and solve them in real time

7. Reward your customer by discount offers, free e-books and promo offers.


To read, follow:


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Social Media affecting election campaigns

Social media has shifted the traditional election campaigns completely. By spreading the message through social media, marketing firms are mobilizing campaigns by engaging more people, get them tweeting and sharing and money for clients by online donations instead of depending on other sources. To know more, please read the following article by Michael D. Pitman (Staff Writer at Dayton Daily News)-:



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How to save your head in Social Media Crisis?

Social Media Crisis leaves a lasting and damaging impact on the brand's reputation. This involves strong, negative emotions which go viral in a very short duration of time. If the crisis does not take care of promptly and thoughtfully, the risk escalates. This situation can come from anywhere, from the least expected sources. But the key lies in properly responding to it, rather than reacting. In such situation, it is essential to have a crisis management plan handy. If the mistake has been on your part, acknowledge it and respond very carefully. It is important to have a crisis management strategy and its proper execution. The negative emotions can be appeased by a good customer loving response. Read more about this at:

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How Social Media can help in increasing ROI?

People spend more time on the social media nowadays. So, marketers are targeting their customers on the social media platforms. As a result, organizations having a social media presence are generating greater ROI. Social Media is a new communication channel that presents the combination of communication and information. With the integration of powerful search engines, people use it as a source to search for information. Organizations can also check what people are saying about others. Marketing is about your presence at the place where your potential customers can be present. Salespeople are a source for news for their clients on these social networks. There has been a decrease in the budgets for marketing with the help of social media, without affecting the marketing strategies. Read more about this at: :

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Social CRM for Startups

For every start-up, customer engagement and promoting their brand is a big challenge. So if your business is in the start-up stage, integration of social media in your CRM will give you enormous opportunities to grow your business.

Social media in CRM aka Social CRM on cloud gives an extra edge to your business as engaging with your target audience will be limitless and creating brand communities which helps in monitoring and analysing customer’s demands will be very easy.

Here are the 5 benefits of having social CRM in your start-up -:

1.      Discover opportunities to engage with customers

2.      Monitor your notifications

3.      Real time updates in your customer contact records

4.      Integrate your marketing software and your contact records

5.      Share customer messages

To read visit on -:





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How much social media influence your product?

A research was done in 2015 where purchase decisions of 20,000 European citizens, across 30 product areas and more than 100 brands in the year 2013 and 201 were examined. They were asked how social media influenced their purchasing decisions.  It was observed that social media recommendations induced an average of 26% of sales. It was found that consumers made 10% more purchases on 2014 in comparison to 2013. Moreover, the choice of product also played a vital role. For example, 40 to 50% of consumers look for social recommendations for categories like travel, investment services, etc., whereas only 15% recommendations were looking for low end utility services. So we can see that Social media does play a vital role in brand awareness and hence end up converting to the sales. Read the full article here:

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How to connect with stranger on LinkedIn

Many people worry about reaching out to unknown professional. Here are some tips to introduce yourself to new faces. 1) Personalize your invitation letter to connect avoiding usual generic format. 2) Don't waste time in getting to the point after your personalized introduction. One must be straightforward and state your intentions up front. 3) Whenever a person receives an invitation, they try to find common ground with another individual. Don't let him hunt for it, instead mention it in brief example, common skills or organization. 4) End with a call for action and lastly, always keep your profile updated before sending messages to new contacts. Read more at:

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How to use social media for content promoting

Nowadays, many businesses have discarded content marketing because it has many things to create and promote that it has become time consuming. But, today's consumer need more information about brand relationship and trust. Social media is becoming an important source of information through various channels. Organizations should drive people to that blog or to other pages on the website where they can get things of value and it should be done very effectively. Nicole Boyer (a valued contributor to Business 2 Community), writes in her article about some ways to make your social media promotion the best it can be. They are -  1) Use related visual which engages more consumer to like and share information 2) Headlines does count, so it as to be catchy and appealing. 3) Choose the right platform for posting content according to the target audience. 4) Multiple posting is also becoming trendy to gain attention by changing names or headlines. But you should know the perfect time for re-sharing. 5) Try to keep the conversation rolling by adding comments and feedbacks from readers. Lastly, get everyone to share your post. Read more at:

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How to stay ahead in E-commerce competition

Unprecedented growth of e-commerce industry, has given marketers a hard time to acquire and retain shoppers. The retailers need to have the right insight in collecting analyzing data as well determining the actions that will resonate with consumers and deliver best experience. 1) Marketers need to have a long sighted approach towards consumer lifecycle and tactics within their acquisition. It helps in identifying the consumer goal from specific interaction and what this long term engagement will offer to shoppers. 2) The shoppers needs to develop the capability to anticipate shoppers actions and to do marketers must learns individuals likes and dislikes, their interests and most of all be able to discern individuals intent from collected rationalized data. 3) E-Commerce brand should use ensure that their data must be collected from each interaction and across every touch point to create one cohesive customer experience. Lack of persistent communication within various interaction units hurts the data aggregation and analysis. Read more at:

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Why No One Listens to Your Innovation Call

Call for innovation is acknowledging efforts which are required to lead the market. But innovation initiatives without a plan or meaningful approach can be delayed. First setback does not understand the need of innovation, which may result in the lack of explanation and context leaving staffs in jittery. It's essential to have a specific objective that fits the central need of the customer telling them what you are all about. Secondly, it's more important to learn and listen the original problem rather than hunting for solutions. Third, mishap is by solely asking for ideas of innovation without much interaction over the problem or the matter at hand.Read more at :

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CRM tips for SEO

Organizations who are not using the information contained in its CRM to inform its SEO marketing strategy, could be missing out on some valuable data i.e. data that could exponentially increase sales revenue. To know more about, the CRM strategies that will help your SEO results, follow:



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Effect of social media

Social media has a tremendous impact on our culture, in business, on the world-at-large. Jenny Q. Ta (a valued contributor to Business 2 Community), writes in this article about the effect of social media on politics, business, socialization as well as some of the negative effects such as cyber bullying and privacy. Read more at:



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Video SEO tips

Videos give potential customers insight about an organization and is an excellent way to grow your business. Video is an ideal medium for any company, but, you need to follow the right search engine optimization tips when planning your video campaign. To know more about, video SEO tips, follow-



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