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Best practices of email marketing

Nowadays, companies do not send mass emails to a huge list. Instead, the companies are now thinking about engaging email recipients with content they want and look forward to getting. This article explores the five best practices about email marketing. Read more at:


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How to get prospective customers through SEO

According to some recent survey respondents cited Google as the place where they begin a search. Therefore, enhancing SEO, plays a vital role in generating new leads, helping in getting prospective customers and retaining the current ones. This article explores some proven methods to get the SEO results you are after. Read more at :


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Importance of social listening tool

Now, over 70% of small businesses using social media. So, monitoring social media is a must these days. If this is done properly, it gives you powerful customer insights, lets you monitor your opponents and what their customers are saying, and helps you to expand your business. Any company having a social presence on multiple platforms, it becomes near to impossible for them to deal with various social media problems manually. So, using a social listening tool is the best bet as it will save you time and cash, but selecting one that is right for your business can be a challenge if you are just starting out. Read more at:


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All about meta robot tag for SEO

SEO’s are important for any organization. But, the new trend is meta robot tag for SEO. So, what is a meta robot tag? It is a tag which is rooted in your website that help search engines what to look for. It also helps you to know what to follow and what to avoid. So, in short, it allows you to decide what pages of your site you want to hide from search engine crawlers and tells the crawler what likes to stop with and what links to follow. One of the reasons these tags are extremely essential is because they combat duplicate content.  Read more at:


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Generating Sales Leads Through Social Media

The social media platforms are proving to have immense potentiality and opportunity for the businesses to focus on their marketing strategies by targeting their audience on such platforms. However, given the fact that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are mostly used for mainly two intentions: to get informed and to have fun, it’s not easy to generate sales through them. Some tips to tackle these types of challenges are listed below.

1.       Focus should be on Creating a Community- Before using social media as a marketing strategy, first it is necessary to understand the inherent self-explanatory motive of the audience for using it. People use social media to connect with like-minded people and not necessarily with businesses. Hence creating a social media group or a community can help promote the company’s brand and keep the audience cognizant of the latest stocks and provide a platform where the members can actively share their thoughts about the products.

2.       Being a Go-To Page- Having people come to a company’s page with questions and addressing their queries in the comments is a good way to kick-start sales when the audience will start making purchases without having to invite them in taking an action. However having a large scale authority as business is not easy and would require the following dimensions:

·         Content- An integrated high quality content blog is required to be published at the website that would provide solutions

·         Paying attention to the description of the blog posts and promoting them so that engagement is triggered after reading them.

A lot of effort and patience coupled with the right strategies can indeed help to generate sales of a company from the social media audience.

Read more at: 


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Creating Best Instagram Bios for Businesses

With heightening popularity of Instagram among other social media platforms, creating an interactive link in one’s business bio is likely to attract interested people. Portraying a positive profile of a business is critical to its success on such a social media platform that engages its users on a visual scale. However grabbing someone’s attention within the limited space and among hundreds of other attractive posts demands a catchy bio for the business. Being the best platform for promoting physical products for most e-commerce sites, keeping one’s company’s bio original and engaging is crucial as this will not only enhance the company’s personality but also persuade the potential customers to join the circle.

Writing a perfect Instagram Bio should involve the following dimensions:-

·         A Profile Photo relevant to the business that would awaken the visual senses on visiting the page.

·         A proper named Username that will be displayed on top of the profile page and which will be easily searchable on Instagram search field.

·         Choosing appropriate words to summarize about the company and its activities in a Bio.

·         A Website Link which will allow the users to visit the company’s website page on one click.

·         An Email button which when clicked by a user would prompt the Instagram app to open its default mail app on the user’s phone.

Read more at:


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Social Media Analytics behind a successful Business

In the digital age, social media is the most effective tool that helps improving and promoting any type of business content, get customer feedback and improve the overall reach of the company. This has led to the emergence of social media analytics which involves optimizing analytics and social median data into usable information to interpret how exactly the business content is going with the community of followers. 

A clear definition of the company goals lies at the root of such social media analytics with business objectives varying from prioritizing customer service to establishing a name in a niche or industry. Once a goal is defined, social media analytics could be used to frame strategies for accomplishment of such desired goals. Without a goal in the background, the system might go haywire bringing no effective results.

Being saturated with millions of click bait type contents, generic content does not work for the social media and the marketing world. Social media has restricted amount of characters hence, drawing of these characters should be maximized which helps to see the type of content that resounds best with the followers. Analyzing the increasing leads attained through content makes way for an inflated sales basket for the business. Average content does not acquire any place and being concise and thought-provoking in a post yields better results.

The success of a business lies in the timing of a post. Posting about a particular content at a specific time can increase sales. Also publishing a post on high traffic days can bring in commendable results for the business concerned. 

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Preamble to GDPR

Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as GDPR, recently became a very popular concern for most of the companies collecting data over internet. This GDPR is a rule passed by the European Union in the year 2016, setting some new rules on how companies will manage and share personal data. On 25th May 2018, they also introduced some new changes which forced the companies to make changes in their policies. Many rules in GDPR are built on rules set by earlier EU privacy policy like the Privacy Shield and Data Protection Directive, but now the rules are expanded in two crucial ways. First, the GDPR sets a higher bar for obtaining personal data than we have ever seen on the internet before. Therefore, any time a company gathers personal data on an EU citizen, it will need clear and informed consent from that person. Second, the GDPR’s fines are severe enough to get the entire industry’s attention.

Read more at:

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Why Video Marketing Strategy is Gaining Importance

Video marketing strategy is growing in a big way. According to a recent research, it was found that 75% of video viewers account that they will generally click through to a website after watching a high-quality video. So, video marketing is an effective tool for engaging with digital consumers, but the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have do it in a right way. It is a fact that by producing high quality video content can generate customers for your business but that does not necessarily require a huge budget. You need to have a solid video marketing plan. Read more at:


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Advantages of Automating Marketing Campaigns

Earlier, social media marketing campaigns were easy to manage. But, as followers increases, it becomes difficult to manage. Then, you will start to realize that you do not have enough time to interact with followers, create content, and monitor brand mentions all on your own. But, by using c and automated marketing, you can manage your campaigns with ease. For that you can add social media data to your CRM as social CRM helps in adding and managing several new accounts to your marketing campaign. Moreover, this helps you in interacting with your followers easily. Read more at:


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The Importance of Blogging

It is a fact that blogging sharpens mind and helps in filtering information, improves writing skills and boosts confidence, giving the opportunity of meeting new people and making money, and thereby helping to become an inspiration for many readers. But, if you do blogging to earn your existence and increase online recognition, attracting quality readers, then choose the right software as generating traffic is an important factor that cannot be overlooked. Read more at:


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Social Media Strategies for New Entrepreneurs

Marketing is important for any business. But, for the new business owners who do not have a lot of experience with social media, must start with social media strategy right from the beginning. The key to master social media strategy is to just start and then improve gradually. These strategies include social media optimization of social media profiles, using the right social media channels, sharing interesting and helpful content etc. The author, Danielle Kunkle Roberts, founder partner  at Boomer Benefits, explores some simple social media marketing tips for new business owners in this article link:


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New Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing has become a possibility and now they are being measured in terms of magnitude. There is a constant change in the digital marketing trends. Mobile phones have become a key part of our daily lives, so businesses have to take care of the mobile element of their business. Chatbots are also taking place in the world of technology. A new emerging trend is of Everything Videos. These are videos which contain description of everything that the customer would want to know. Companies take to social media platforms to engage in one to one chat with customers. Marketing is also done via influencers who have considerable level of influence over people. Read more at:


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Social media campaigning

Social media is not much of a money minting way. Such campaigns can be set up free of cost but of big results, there should be some expenditure for good results. Proper planning and strategizing must be done before posts are made on the websites. Having a consistent volume of data posted is of utmost importance. Being an active user can attract a bigger volume of potential clients towards your business. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Without providing value to customers, there will not be profits to the business.  Approaching people at a personal level makes a lot of difference.  Engaging content draws the non-attentive followers to pay attention to the firm.  Read more at:


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Social media branding tools

In the current world, social media can be a massive tool for business expansion. Choosing the right network brings the business in the required lime light which helps in making the brand known. Visual images and graphics are an indispensable tool for catching attention. Staying consistent in connecting with the customers at a social level brings the business to the forefront. it is equally important to highlight the main business of the organization and be consistent in sharing content. Organizations should make full use of the profile box on social media sights. Self-promotion is a must for firms, and trying to be major on a few platforms is better than being minor on multiple. Read more at:


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Ways to generate sales leads

Social media has grown into with much more potential. Nowadays, businesses dedicate significant resources in maintaining a positive presence on social media, because that is where their consumers, clients are spending a significant amount of their time. You can turn that positive online presence into real world sales leads by the following ways. They are targeted social media listening, host interactive video presentations, create quizzes and surveys. Read more at:



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Tips for launching e-commerce website

People spent the maximum amount of time online as they buy stuff online. So, many business owners should launch their own eCommerce website. Business owners must put effort and time in launching their e-commerce site. But, before launching an e-commerce site, you must research well about which platform to use, get the right design for the website and your website must be mobile friendly. Read on to discover more tips for launching a successful eCommerce website at:



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Key for success in digital marketing

Today, visual information is important for business. So, info graphics find a special place in today’s marketing strategies or to be specific, in digital marketing. a great user experience on your website must be good as it is a major key to success in digital marketing. Your website is your brand and must offer easy tools to sell products to drive customers to your product. Website landing page must be user-friendly and mobile friendly. You should focus on mobile advertising as more people are using mobiles nowadays. SEO are a must to drive business. Read more at:



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How to choose the right social media marketing tools

In any business, investment in social media marketing is necessary. Now, you have to make the right decision when you choose social media marketing tools as one million new active social media users added every single day. But, whatever tool you choose must have a positive impact on business growth. This article explores some key aspects when looking at social media tool. They are:


·         Easy to use

·         Up-to Date

·         Effective

·         Genuine business value

·         Customer service


Read more at:



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SEO Strategy for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important and at the same time very tuff for small businesses. They have to compete with the industry leaders and to make the things worse, organic results are pushed further down. These challenges can help the business to get ahead of the competitors. This article explores ten things that every small business should do with their SEO strategy. They are:


·         Local SEO

·         Tactical link building

·         Reach out to local or relevant publications

·         Exploit your competitors’ weaknesses

·         Get a head start with AdWords

·         Target high-intent users with your SEO strategy

·         Target lower-intent leads as your SEO strategy matures

·         Website speed, bounce rate, etc.

·         Automate everything you can

·         Build an in-house team or hire an agency


Read more at:



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