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Application of graph search

Max De Marzi, software field engineer with Neo Technology, inspired by Facebook’s graph search, talks about how use of graph search adds value to the enterprise by making practical use of big data. He also indicated how this technology can be applied to solve business problems.

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Social media analytics tools

Social media is a platform where people can create, share or exchange information and ideas through interaction. The rise of Big Data has prompted many organizations to utilize data analysis for making marketing decisions .Social media is an important way to track  vast amount of data. Organizations are now developing tools intended for this purpose.

 Some of the trending social media analytics tools are:

1. Social Report.

2. Social Mention.

3. Simply Measured.

4. Cyfe.

5. Sprout Social.

6. SumAll.

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Cloud as an aid to the entrepreneurs!

What is Cloud? The cloud computing is a phrase, which is used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of systems connected through a communication network such as the Internet. It also means the ability to run an application on many connected computers at the same time.

Entrepreneurship emphasizes on innovation and as we all know, innovation leads to sustainability in this volatile demand & application driven market.

The current technological environment demands these two factors, cloud and entrepreneurship to come together as an explorer combo pack. The idea is like start ups can swipe a credit card, buy a little bit of infrastructure and get the idea off the ground. And it doesn't matter if a company’s idea is related to technology, marketing or consumer products. It is a very fast and efficient means of getting the back office & customer-facing capabilities moving.

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Robots- exhibiting feelings & emotions

How about a system which can learn from its mistakes? How about a system which can evolve over time automatically? We refer to these features as Artificial Intelligence, exhibited by a software or by a machine. 

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Social Media to enhance customer service

Tom Christenson, President of Contact Center Solutions, CGS (a global provider of technology-enabled business solutions), talks about why and how social media can be used with call centers to improve customer services. 

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