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Social media: a tool for spying on customers

David Waterman, expert in search engine optimization, talks about how marketers can take advantage of social media to spy on their customers and target audience to gather better insights. He also discussed about the five different steps to be followed for enhancing the process.


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Social media spam: a new concern to marketers


An article by Devin Redmond, Co-founder and CEO of Nexgate, talks about how social media spam can damage a brand name and how it affects social media marketing ROI. He also spoke about different steps that social media marketers can adopt to stop social spam and mitigate loss.


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Social Media Marketing Strategies to drastically improve your effort

A recent research by Fast Company revealed that 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business.  It is the number one daily activity among Americans. Social media sites, email providers and the Google are eating up the largest chunk of the time spent over the internet. Social media is reaching beyond our traditional perception; it’s getting bigger and bigger with time. From a marketer’s Point of view, if you are not marketing on it, you are likely missing a large chunk of your target consumers. As a product of the Mark Zuckerberg generation, it is easy to understand why people are so obsessed with social media. For marketers, the potential to grow their business via these networks is endless. The following base strategies will help you take control of your social channels and give them a much needed facelift.

·         Create a game plan & stick to it.

·         Treat each channel as an individual entity.

·         Go above & beyond in Customer Service.

·         Embrace any kind of mishaps.

·         Track & talk.

·         Stay active on Google+.

To read more, see Margot da Cunha’s blog by visiting the following link address:

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Social media: unleashing the power of employee advocacy

An article written by Mike Bailey, owner of Grey Kite Resources, talks about how social media can play an important role in becoming an advocate for the organisation you work for. He mentioned that when employees share anything with their social networks, they reach 20 times more people than a typical brand sharing with the same number of followers. He also discussed about different guidelines to be followed for employee advocacy.


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Companies want to get social in their enterprise collaboration

Research firm Gartner has predicted that half of the large organizations will have internal Facebook-like social networks by 2016, and that 30 percent of these will be considered as essential as email and telephones are today. It also noted that 80 percent of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership. A report on “unified communication and collaboration” (UCC), by another research firm, Frost & Sullivan, pointed out that employees have become accustomed in recent years to simple and user-friendly interfaces of free online communications tools, such as Gmail and Facebook, which allow them to collaborate in only a few clicks.

To know more about this talk-of-the-town topic, read Author Al Bredenberg’s article by visiting the following link:

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How advertisers using Social Media to promote Brands in real time

By engaging more people in conversations/discussions related to company offerings via social media, organizations are creating brand awareness among mass. Today, creating hype for a soon to be launched product is easy & convenient with the help of social media, as it saves promotional cost as well as it helps in understanding consumer sentiment beforehand. By indulging in various social media conversations, people are actually acting like brand ambassadors & reviewers. Though chances of negative publicity cannot be ruled out entirely, still with a good structured online marketing strategy, immense benefits can be achieved. Few notable real time online advertising strategies deserve to be mentioned, such as following conversations and then joining them, saying no to discipline, getting legal permissions to use material, ensuring that the brand is never silent on social media, moving on when content gets stale, never ignoring negative feedback etc.

To read more, visit wall street journal article link given below:


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A"social strategy"- branding through social media!

Recently, Harvard Business Professor Mikołaj Jan Piskorski, spoke about marketing strategy implementation through social media during a conversation with marketing guru & author Mr. Steve Olenski.

Drawing on his analysis of proprietary data from social media sites, Piskorski argues that the secret behind every successful organization is that they allow people to fulfil social needs that either can’t be met offline or can be met only at a much higher cost. This insight provides logic about how companies can leverage social platforms to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Companies need to help people interact with each other, before they promote products to their friends. If all goes fine and right steps are followed, a company’s social media should benefit its customers as well as the firm. Piskorski calls this ‘a social strategy’.

To read more visit the following link:

SigmaWay Consulting Services offer various solutions to help you align your social media efforts to your business goals, from brand awareness to targeting customer base to increase customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit

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Application of graph search

Max De Marzi, software field engineer with Neo Technology, inspired by Facebook’s graph search, talks about how use of graph search adds value to the enterprise by making practical use of big data. He also indicated how this technology can be applied to solve business problems.

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Social media analytics tools

Social media is a platform where people can create, share or exchange information and ideas through interaction. The rise of Big Data has prompted many organizations to utilize data analysis for making marketing decisions .Social media is an important way to track  vast amount of data. Organizations are now developing tools intended for this purpose.

 Some of the trending social media analytics tools are:

1. Social Report.

2. Social Mention.

3. Simply Measured.

4. Cyfe.

5. Sprout Social.

6. SumAll.

To read more, visit the following link:

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Cloud as an aid to the entrepreneurs!

What is Cloud? The cloud computing is a phrase, which is used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of systems connected through a communication network such as the Internet. It also means the ability to run an application on many connected computers at the same time.

Entrepreneurship emphasizes on innovation and as we all know, innovation leads to sustainability in this volatile demand & application driven market.

The current technological environment demands these two factors, cloud and entrepreneurship to come together as an explorer combo pack. The idea is like start ups can swipe a credit card, buy a little bit of infrastructure and get the idea off the ground. And it doesn't matter if a company’s idea is related to technology, marketing or consumer products. It is a very fast and efficient means of getting the back office & customer-facing capabilities moving.

To read more- visit the following link:

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Robots- exhibiting feelings & emotions

How about a system which can learn from its mistakes? How about a system which can evolve over time automatically? We refer to these features as Artificial Intelligence, exhibited by a software or by a machine. 

To Read More: visit the following link...

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Social Media to enhance customer service

Tom Christenson, President of Contact Center Solutions, CGS (a global provider of technology-enabled business solutions), talks about why and how social media can be used with call centers to improve customer services. 

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