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  1. Just as a dancer reviews and practices the basic steps, a review of the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma is an important step (no pun intended) for your business. Let’s just say that Lean Six Sigma keeps you real and your business dealings accurate. So let us start and review the fundamentals of Lean...

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  2. In a 2017 Gallup Poll on workplace engagement, it was found that engaged employees are most productive, and were also more focused on the customer’s needs and more attentive of business day-to-day processes, protocols, and systems. The Gallup Poll came up with the statement that highly engaged busin...

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  3. Customer service can run the gamut, from “amazing” to “I am never going back!” It is true that some customer service representatives just have a knack for making customers feel great despite an issue with the product or service. For these talented representatives, we say thank goodness they exist; f...

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  4. As we all know, teachers are very important — they can inspire and motivate our children to want to learn, which will give us the best chance for a healthy future. Yet many of our teachers are overwhelmed with a curriculum that they must teach to an uninterested class. The main reason for the...

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  5. Climate change is a hot topic these days; many are concerned with waste and the carbon footprint that we are leaving behind. One of the Six Sigma focuses is reducing waste and increasing efficiency so this would be a natural place for the powers that be to start. Words like sustainability, the green...

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