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  1. Six Sigma methodologies can apply in so many different industries. Believe it or not, its philosophies fit very well into the world of pets. How, you ask? Before we dive into specifics, let’s take a look at the big business of pets. It’s not a big secret that just about everyone has a dog, cat...

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  2. Whether you are interested in Six Sigma, Lean Transformation or specialized training, 6Sigma.us offers the finest in instructors and real world immersion. We also offer standalone online classes that are thorough and highly regarded among the Six Sigma elite.   6Sigma.com was the first Six Sigma edu...

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  3. Doctors, accountants, IT pros, and Six Sigma consultants — what do all these professionals do? They continuously upgrade their education. Why? With new evolving business practices, the globalization of industry, and new technologies, there is a need to keep up. Most professionals keep going to...

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  4. Why get to the root of your business problem? The primary reason is so you can, once and for all, get rid of the problem. As long as the root of the problem exists, you will have the same problem over and over again. So the solution is simple: conduct a root cause analysis (RCA). Follow this simple...

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  5. If Lean Six Sigma were to have DNA testing done to determine its genetics, the one gene that would be found in every single member of the Lean Six Sigma genetic pool would be the DMAIC gene. This would include A3 Process of Problem Solving, PDCA. In fact, even  adopted into the family, Kaizen would...

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