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  1. Six Sigma advocates pride themselves on making the customer happy by providing the absolute best product and customer service. They go out of their way to find out exactly what is important to their customers. The Voice of Customer (VOC) is one method to gather this important information. Here are t...

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  2. When a business owner decides to implement Six Sigma into the company culture, he or she wants to reap the benefits of Six Sigma. Let’s review the benefits of Six Sigma regarding business practices and processes. A vast improvement of the inner workings of a company will create a successful client/c...

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  3. Just about everyone needs to improve some aspect of their life. Most of us have a habit that wastes valuable time. So let’s see how using Kaizen’s cycle for continuous improvement can help us eliminate that awful habit so we can gain more productive time into our day.  Since we are using Kaizen for...

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  4. The smart business owner never gets complacent and keeps an eye on what his or her customers consider important in the product or service. There are many ways to get the information you need. This infographic below will give you a visual of the different ways to obtain this information. Please keep...

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  5. Success in business is built on the foundation of a team mindset, even if you are self-employed and it is just you. You have other people you rely on — whether it is your IT guy or your operations manager, these people are all part of your team.  Six Sigma requires teamwork and everyone on the team...

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