Craft a customized approach to process improvement. Optimize speed and impact
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State-of-the-art Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence  and Dashboards
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Forward-thinking market research that helps businesses make smarter decisions
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Certifications for Lean Six Sigma, Change Leadership and Marketing Research
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Optimize technology capabilities across the end-to-end process value stream
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World-Class Consultants

Having worked with some of the most reputable companies in the world, our consultants are accustomed to building positive partnerships with all levels of an organization to drive breakthrough results.  Our consultants come with a diverse array of skills and certifications, including Lean, Six Sigma Black Belt & Master Black Belt, Change Leadership, PMP, FRM, etc… Our consultants are SigmaWay’s greatest strength.


Expert Advisory Panel


SigmaWay has an Expert Advisory Panel consisting of senior advisors from various industries and disciplines who help infuse thought leadership and the latest industry trends into our innovative solutions.  When you leverage SigmaWay consultants, the consultants bring a network of expertise to the engagement to provide a richer client experience. 


Proven Track Record

SigmaWay has experienced consultants who have delivered well in excess of $100M in certified savings throughout their careers using Six Sigma and Lean disciplines.  They are accustomed to uncovering the big opportunities that maximize yield in the shortest timeframes.







Breakthrough Impact Examples

   - Achieved over $25M in annualized savings in Investment Banking Operations in a Fortune 500 Financial Services firm

   - Leveraged Process Excellence methodologies to standardize Capacity Management processes across the Consumer segment in a Fortune 500 Financial Services firm and launched initiatives with an annualized yield of $9M


Outside-in Approach & Leveraging Best Practices


SigmaWay brings an outside-in perspective to a client’s processes.  Through our extensive experience with front and back office processes in diverse industries, such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Human Capital Management, Building Materials, etc., we’re able to customize best practices across industries and functional disciplines to transform your processes.  



Innovative Analytical Frameworks


SigmaWay has developed proprietary analytical frameworks that have yielded significant benefits to our clients, including:

   - Interaction Segmentation Analysis (ISA)

   - Evolutionary IVR Optimization (EVOP)

   - Generalist Optimization Model (GOM)

   - Speech Analytics Driven Audit Framework (SADAF)

Lean Action Workout 6th-7th Aug,2013,Fl,USA

Lean Action Workout (AWO),Florida,US

Lean Action Workout 6th-7th Aug,2013,Fl,USA

 The lean AWO is a great way to solve for cross-functional problems. In addition to being a catalyst for idea generation , it helps  break down departmental silos  and aligns the organizational focus and culture to the problem resolution.

In Aug 2013 SigmaWay facilitated a lean AWO for its  client, a leading PEO in Florida,US. The objective of the workout was to reduce the cycle time and wait time for their overall implementation time by 50%. The workout was attended by more than 25 participants from departments in order to maximize cross functional perspective. Though the workout was only for one and half days , it was preceded by weeks of preparation where data was collected as well as current risks in the process identified. A grid which contained all process steps as wells as related data points (typically found in a data box in a VSM like cycle time, wait time, inventory,people etc) was used in preference to a VSM exercise in order to optimize time.

The session was launched by the operations and sales leadership talking about the importance of the exercise from a customer perspective which was followed by a short lean module by Mark Reinisch to orient the team before the problem identification session.

The team came up with a lot of creative ideas which were affinitized and then further detailed by three sub groups. Ideas were prioritized and project teams were aligned. The quantified benefits (reduction in cycle time ) met the AWO objective easily and by the end of day 2 teams were already on their way to implementing the quick hits.

For more information on how to conduct lean AWO for optimized impact please email:






Green Belt Training Kolkata,India

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Summer Internship 2013

SigmaWay Summer Internship 2013

Summer Internship 2013

 The SigmaWay Summer Internship program was organized as a pilot initiative  to gauge the ability of students from leading universities in Kolkata,India (Presidency and Calcutta University) to collaborate virtually to develop SigmaWay Products and conduct product research.There were 8 interns who decided to take the plunge and as part of their internship worked in areas like simulation, design of experiments and robust product design. They also got an opportunity to become familiar with conducting statistical tests using multiple packages like excel , R and Minitab . A group of interns was also challenged to work with Sigmaway consultants to develop the go to market strategy for the soon to be launched six sigma training program.

We have got great feedback from interns on the quality of the program and as well as quality of Green Belt training which was provided to all interns post internship. The interns felt that this experience has been invaluable to them with respect to understanding the demands of organizations today .They said their main objective while joining the internship was to get some hands on analytics experience. The interns loved the fact that they could work from homes and found it extremely flexible

SigmaWay thanks Presidency University and Calcutta University for providing a great pool of students for 2013 internship and looks forward to many such partnerships in the future.

For information on internship opportunities please email to