If you are on this page, then probably you are already aware that successful businesses of all sizes around the world use Analytics for smart insights into their data.. And chances are – you are either curious about how analytics can unlock the hidden value in your data, or you have already tried analytics and want to know what more can SigmaWay do for you.


If you have been window shopping for Analytics for a while, you probably know by now that there is many a software vendor and many a consultant who can offer you Analytics as a product or service. And everyone offers myriad ways in which you can adopt analytics as part of your toolkit for smarter strategy. 


 What makes SigmaWay different is that we maximize your Return on Investment on the Analytics Initiative by

  • Keeping your Analytics investment Budget friendly : Using open source software as opposed to those that have expensive annual fees
  • Customizing : Our offerings are completely customizable to the needs of your business, unlike the bulky “one size fits all” approach. We build for you only that part of the menu that appeals to you.
  • Optimizing use of your internal resources : SigmaWay consultants integrate their technical expertise with your business acumen to provide dynamic solutions that are constantly evolving
  • Leveraging our industry experience for effective recommendations : We not only design and run analytics initiatives for you, our consultants use their industry expertise to benchmark against industry best practices and provide actionable recommendations for your business
  • Delivering measurable impact : Our consultants design analytics solutions that have in built capability to measure the business impact they deliver. We make the value of your Analytics Initiative clearly visible to your CXOs.

Work in several flexible engagement models, depending on how “Analytics ready” your organization is

  • Project Mode – Engage us to deliver a time bound Analytics solution
  • Product Mode – Have us design an Analytics product that you can continue to use after we have left
  • Service Mode – Engage us long term to enjoy our analytics services for your ongoing needs.



Contact us today for a “proof of concept” of what our Analysts can do for you !

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