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Know the types of customer segmentation that will help you in your business

In today’s business world, personalization is one of the most operational ways you can attract new customers and retain your present customers. It is found that 59% of consumers who have experienced it, say that personalization has a great impact on their purchase decisions. Besides, 88% of marketers have noticed vital improvements in their business with personalization and 53% of them have reported that they gained a lift of over 10%. So, customer segmentation is important. This article discusses four types of customer segmentation that can help you achieve your marketing goals. Read more about these four types of segmentation at:


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How social media marketing trends of 2018 are changing business strategy

Everyone knows the power of social media and the influence it has on business strategy. But, it is a fact that social media is constantly changing, and it is very hard to understand how social media is changing the game. This article explores how the social media marketing trends of 2018 are completely changing how we look at social media. They are: Augmented Reality, Focus on Generation Z, Messenger Apps and Chatbots, Live Streaming, Influencer Marketing and User-generated Content. Read more at:


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Important tips on how to improve local SEO for small businesses

Nowadays, even small businesses are going online and if you want your business to be at the fingertips of consumers in your local area, then you must improve your local SEO. It is the process of optimizing your website and marketing your business online, so that it ranks better on Google for your local audience. This article explores some simple tips for improving local SEO for your small business. Read more at :


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Mega trends that will impact global consumerism

Nowadays, it is becoming easier to sell products online and more profitable for businesses large and small. This online market has just begun to flourish as large economic and technological forces are create a market of relatively wealthy consumers who are open to buying online and businesses are also fully prepared to sell their wares. This article discusses about the nine key mega trends that will impact the next decade of global consumerism. Read more at:


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Best practices of email marketing

Nowadays, companies do not send mass emails to a huge list. Instead, the companies are now thinking about engaging email recipients with content they want and look forward to getting. This article explores the five best practices about email marketing. Read more at:


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The importance of storytelling in marketing

Advertising is changing as people now want to see the heart and soul of the businesses they interact with. Many organizations are investing in storytelling to raise awareness of their brand and develop trust. But, there are six ways to storytelling in the marketing world and which ones you will utilize depends on the nature of your business and the audience you wish to target. They are : Mini ads, Customer-Driven Storytelling, Philanthropy, Hidden Social Media Storytelling, Data-Based Storytelling and Impressive Storytelling. Read more at:


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Importance of video marketing strategies

Over the last few years, video’s popularity has grown over the last few years that it is now a part of business marketing strategy in many organizations. Experts opine that you need creativity as well as a thorough plan, videos can help our brand hold the attention of an audience while giving you useful information. The author, Danielle Winski (customer service expert), in her article explores the importance of video marketing strategies. Read more about this at:



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All about automated email marketing drip campaign

Drip Campaign is a sequence of emails which are set up to achieve a goal. It is said that drip campaigns permit your email marketing efforts and get you wonderful results in terms of engagement and sales. These campaigns make email marketing and lead nurturing more effective.  The author, Jaime Nacach ( founder and marketing strategist of Bloominari) discusses in this article about some pointers on how you build your first automated email marketing drip campaign. To know more, read:


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Importance of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, helps websites get to the top of search results in search engines. SEO is important because your business website can be at the top of the search results when someone searches for a specific topic. In this article, the author, Tom Casano, explores the vital reasons why you should give importance to SEO for your business this year. They are: get more traffic, getting high quality leads, get website visitors into your sales funnel, build brand awareness, acquire monthly recurring traffic etc. to know more, visit:



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Building Brand Loyalty on Instagram

A smart business person knows how to use his/her’s Instagram profile to its full potential. Instagram provides a platform in building trust, also contributing to the long term loyalty of the brand. A strong customer relationship is extremely valued. Frequent interactions and word of mouth engine have proved themselves to be very important factors in strengthening the customer relationship over time. A few social media marketers pay a lot of importance on the follower counts and ratios. But on the other hand having a small number of followers who see the brand in a positive light is more valuable for the business.

To know more visit at:


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Ways to Significantly Improve Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important skills required in almost all fields, especially in the field of business. To be a successful communicator one needs to have ability to listen to the other party. A good communicator should always take the time to practice listening. Learning about the nonverbal communication also adds to the skills of an efficient communicator. As we all know that humans have an attention span of a goldfish, so keeping the audience involved is another skill a good communicator needs to have.

To know more visit at:


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The diverse impact of insolent emails

By rude mails, I don’t mean the blatantly rude mails, but those mails which keep annoying in one way or the other. The incivility in mails has created much wider problem than anticipated, which indeed have a ripple effect. Although mails are one of the most emerging work stressors, it is so ingrained in our work life that it would be impossible to totally get away with it. 

To know more visit at:


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Reaping benefits from GST

It has been more than a year since the biggest and the most comprehensive indirect tax reform, Goods and Service Tax (GST) has come into effect in India from 1 July 2017. This phenomenal task of shifting to the new digital regime of taxation is aimed at streamlining and consolidating indirect taxes in order to unify the market. This transition accounts for changes in all areas of business, tax rates and tax payment schedule, logistics, delivery, marketing and sales and so on. In this context let’s look at the few ways by which organizations can make the best use of GST.

·         Understanding and assessing the impact of GST on each aspect of the business.

·         Taking advantage of the integrated and unified system of taxes to streamline operations and rationalize prices.

·         By taking advantage of the single registration and seamless tax-credit flow mechanism, businesses can expand to other states/parts of the country.

·         Reaping out the benefits from increased at par competitiveness under unified GST which has replaced multiple tax systems levied by different authorities.

·         Increasing profit margins and reducing operational costs by ensuring all expenses where ITC can be claimed.

       Read more at:



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Chatbots in Beauty Industry

Advanced technology has certainly come a long way in managing our lives and guiding our buying processes. When it comes to beauty industry, applications of artificial intelligence are giving brands the power to create an intelligent, sophisticated and authentic ‘robot’ which would enable the customers to find a product that not only feels good on their skin but also doesn’t cost them much. These chatbots will improve a particular company’s customer service and overall customer experience. They can be trained to answer specific questions and give the customers a personalized experience according to their skin type, needs and price range, and certainly reduce all the hurdles that customers have to face when trying to buy products online. Innovative beauty brands, with the help of augmented reality have shown their customers how easy it can be by asking the right questions, showing them the results and even incorporating suggestions into their bots. With the advancements cropping in more, chatbots will no longer be required to be trained by the employees and would become more intelligent from the information they will learn gradually.

Read more at:


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Convenience in using Chatbots for Customer Service

The ultimate goal of any customer-facing department is to provide an advanced, instant and trouble free customer support. This real time customer support wasn’t as possible as it is today. With the advent of innovative chatbots, businesses can now offer their clienteles a convenient and self service solution. They have not only cut down on the long periods of time when customers had to wait both physically and virtually to have their queries addressed but also have cut down on the necessity of speaking with humans for the same. The question that arises in this context is that whether buyers are really comfortable in interacting with chatbots. Yes, it is true that many people found it pretty strange to speak to a bot initially, but as more people learned about the benefits of the artificial tools, the more convenient it appeared to them to communicate with chatbots. Chatbots can collect data based on recent interactions and respond to a message or a solution that directly suits the needs and preferences of the customers. The combination of humans and chatbots have always been successful in providing a results driven and around-the-clock hassle free service thus enabling them to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Read more at:


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Generating Sales Leads Through Social Media

The social media platforms are proving to have immense potentiality and opportunity for the businesses to focus on their marketing strategies by targeting their audience on such platforms. However, given the fact that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are mostly used for mainly two intentions: to get informed and to have fun, it’s not easy to generate sales through them. Some tips to tackle these types of challenges are listed below.

1.       Focus should be on Creating a Community- Before using social media as a marketing strategy, first it is necessary to understand the inherent self-explanatory motive of the audience for using it. People use social media to connect with like-minded people and not necessarily with businesses. Hence creating a social media group or a community can help promote the company’s brand and keep the audience cognizant of the latest stocks and provide a platform where the members can actively share their thoughts about the products.

2.       Being a Go-To Page- Having people come to a company’s page with questions and addressing their queries in the comments is a good way to kick-start sales when the audience will start making purchases without having to invite them in taking an action. However having a large scale authority as business is not easy and would require the following dimensions:

·         Content- An integrated high quality content blog is required to be published at the website that would provide solutions

·         Paying attention to the description of the blog posts and promoting them so that engagement is triggered after reading them.

A lot of effort and patience coupled with the right strategies can indeed help to generate sales of a company from the social media audience.

Read more at: 


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Using Business Intelligence for Betterment

Data is very valuable for any business. It can help in decision making, planning, and more. Here, Business Intelligence comes into action. BI uses various softwares, applications, tools and services that enables access to and analysis of data. This improves and optimizes decisions and performances. Using Business Intelligence can help you to get more value by improving customer service, employee productivity, and more.

Following are the few ways one could get more value from Business Intelligence:

  1. Build real-time BI into your customer-facing services
  2. Improve employee performance through BI
  3. Improve Customer Service
  4. Predict new revenue streams
  5. Automate budgeting and forecasting
  6. Shift the emphasis to analysis
  7. Embed BI into other platforms
  8. Cut time wasted on data gruntwork
  9. Bring unstructured data on board

Read more about them at:


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Technology In Business

Slowly and steadily we are moving towards digital transformation and its has become one of the important tasks for businesses. With the evolving technology, businesses are also growing and evolving. Here are the top 12 tech trends that we need to look for in year 2018 :

    1. Computer Vision
    2. Deep Learning
    3. Natural Language Generation
    4. Businesswide Networking Fabric
    5. Distributed Ledger Technology
    6. Edge Computing
    7. Quantum Computing
    8. Serverless Computing
    9. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality
    10. Digital Twin
    11. Additive Manufacturing
    12. Nanotechnology

It is believed that to stay in the competition of business, one should welcome new forms of technology and implement them helping business to grow. This will bring the needed digital transformation and help in decision making and planning strategies. 



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Briefing Data Science

After Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the next most emerging field in todays world is the field of Data Science. It is said to be the cousins of AI and ML and mainly deals with data. It intakes data, uses processes, algorithms and scientific methods to extract knowledge and valuable data from large data sets. This field is need of each and every type of organization. Whether it be business or an IT firm, every organization needs data for improvement. Thus, outcomes from the processing of data are further used for decision making and for improving current functioning.

People often gets confused between Data Science, Data Analytics and Big Data. The key difference between them is that Data Analytics and Big Data are components of Data Science. Data Science extract values from the output of Data Analytics and Big Data to solve problems.
The goal of Data Science is to extract business-focused insights from business. This could help organizations in many ways.

Read more about this topic at:

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Five important things to keep in mind during a Presentation!

A very common misconception is too much of practice is going to result in a bad presentation. Enough practice helps us in knowing our lines better, giving us enough confidence so that we don’t have to struggle for the words. Also with the proper knowledge of the pitch we can have enough control and get back to the point that we want to make. The point is not to memorize the pitch word for word, which might work for some people, but the key point is to memorize the specific key lines and transition points. The first line, the first line of every slide or topic, the transition line, the last line of the presentation is of great importance in a presentation.

To know more visit at:


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