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How to choose the right social media marketing tools

In any business, investment in social media marketing is necessary. Now, you have to make the right decision when you choose social media marketing tools as one million new active social media users added every single day. But, whatever tool you choose must have a positive impact on business growth. This article explores some key aspects when looking at social media tool. They are:


·         Easy to use

·         Up-to Date

·         Effective

·         Genuine business value

·         Customer service


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SEO Strategy for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important and at the same time very tuff for small businesses. They have to compete with the industry leaders and to make the things worse, organic results are pushed further down. These challenges can help the business to get ahead of the competitors. This article explores ten things that every small business should do with their SEO strategy. They are:


·         Local SEO

·         Tactical link building

·         Reach out to local or relevant publications

·         Exploit your competitors’ weaknesses

·         Get a head start with AdWords

·         Target high-intent users with your SEO strategy

·         Target lower-intent leads as your SEO strategy matures

·         Website speed, bounce rate, etc.

·         Automate everything you can

·         Build an in-house team or hire an agency


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Regular blogging helps companies to grow

Companies might think writing and maintaining a blog takes up huge chunks of time but these following ways will prove them wrong about this strong marketing tool. Blogging is pretty easy as there are a lot of blog themes available to get you going. Companies can share their expert status to consumers by their blog, also increase their sales leads by more traffic on their blog. Blogging helps in better customer retention as you get their feedback via comments on the blog. Increase the sales as customers might trust you by something they read on your blog and come back to you. Also, with a lot of traffic, you may publish according to your customers interests and let SEO take care of the rest. Read more at :


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Technological advancement in BFSI

Smart-phones have widely changed our standard of living and access and management of our money. A recent study by EY and BBA states that customer usage of banking apps have risen by 354% in last five years, with an average of 159 logins per second. Not only for banking purposes, UK customers use mobile tools to manage their mortgage and investments, credit cards and savings. Some suggest that this increased usage on financial apps isn't  short term but will have a long term effect. The technology is helping customers in this financial revolution by adding check imaging, contactless payments and biometric identification. This will help in the launching  of Open Banking in 2018 when customers will have greater choice and control over their financial lives. Read more at :


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Solutions to increase revenue opportunities

According to Chet homes only 3% of your target market is ready to buy. 7% of your target market is open to buying but not looking, 30%  of your market is comfortable with the status quo and 30% of your market believes they aren’t interested. They are focused on “trying” to hit that 3% of the market. If those leads that may or may not be part of the 3% of the market do not move forward, then you have a high cost for business growth. So, to capture the remaining 67% more opportunities one can 1.) Focus on relevance across all levels using an account based sales and marketing approach. 2.) Engage in marketing for sales alignment. 3.) Focus on breaking down the potential customer’s status quo. 4.) Don’t optimize content for social media engagement. 5.) Focus on lead validation and qualification.  Read more at:


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The author, Jason Parks (CEO of The Media Captain), has brilliantly put forth the idea of generating more money through social media strategies, as according to him social media can be one of the most effective marketing tools for B2B sectors. According to the author, following are the ways to an intelligent social media strategy, B2B companies can adopt: 1) Rather than using the old ways, social media can be used to connect with the prospective clients. 2) Resorting to creative ideas to end the email, for example: ending with a massage incorporating "P.S.", 3) Adopting unique promotional strategies for dissemination of articles and targetting the right audience 4) Using the popular social media platforms to directly approach the customers by direct messaging. Read more at


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Social Media, undoubtedly has major benefits when it comes to simplification of communication. It includes various platforms to connect to people, with e-mail topping the list.  In a company e-mail might be accessible to the management and the employees but not to the workers of low level. 1) To reach out to them, instead of e-mails, several other offline ways can be used. 2) Merging the social media with the offline ways for putting in better emphasis on the information, is what the company wants to share. 3) It is observed that the elderly people use social media platforms more often, instead of e-mails, in such cases, social media websites can be  used to communicate to them. 4) Resorting to creative ideas to share the contents instead of using the same old methods to grab more attention. Read more at


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According to a recent report from Edison Research and Triton Digital, moms in US spend more time on the internet rather than listening to music on radio or watching television. Research on 248 moms says that about 55% of them use primary smartphones to access internet, 36% of them use desktops and laptops for the same and 9% use a tablet. 38% moms are the subscribers of Amazon Prime which is an online shopping portal and Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the common social sites and apps which are commonly used by them. It is also found that 93% of moms access social networking sites daily and 62% of them access it on a multiple time basis daily. Read more at:


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Twitter will now be shaking hands with a machine-learning startup that specializes in working with images, to deliver better video and picture content to expand its Machine Learning and AI parts. According to the sources, nearly $150 million is invested in this machine learning startup. A team of engineers will help Twitter by letting the users explore new experiences and share them. Read more at:


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According to the author, Facebook is the most preferred medium for the people to connect with their followers and being able to get in touch with the new ones. Following are the ways by which Facebook live videos can help a business grow: 1) Winning  trust of the clients by showing them the glimpse of the inner perspectives and future goals of the company. 2) Facebook live video is the best way to advertise a new product. 3) Collecting information, advices and suggestions, by taking the Facebook live comments into consideration. 4) Answering to the general sales queries and FAQs. 5) Making the clients aware of the upcoming events and activities of your company. 6) Conducting a free live training session for the audience. Read more at:


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All About Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) now represents 7% of traffic for top publishers in the US which would likely increase in the coming years, especially as smartphones have become the dominant way for consumers to interact with the world around them. Digital transformation is upending the media industry in so many ways, and brands will have to keep a close eye on developments like AMP to make sure the experiences they deliver are stellar. It will be interesting to watch AMP in the coming years as it is setting itself up to disrupt not only the mobile web for the media industry, but also the mobile web as a whole. Read more at:


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Facebook is a global social platform which helps in building relationships and connections, and is extremely beneficial for the businesses looking for their promotion in order to achieve a substantial growth. The best way to reach out to maximum number of people in a short span of time is to get connected through facebook groups. Following are  the key strategies to a successful networking strategy that will drive more people to your page on facebook: 1) Sharing the main components of the article being published on your website about your company with the facebook group members. 2) Sharing the upcoming programs of your organisation with the facebook group members apart from publicizing on the facebook page. 3) With mutual conversations, trying to figure out what are the interests of the target market. 4) Through sharing informations, elevating the curiosity of the audience to know more about your business's page on facebook. Read more at


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What can benefit the business most?

When combined with direct mail, social media marketing can open the portal to a powerful promotional strategy?  The three C’s of social media marketing make it clear that you really have nothing to lose – and everything to gain – by establishing an active, and lucrative, online/offline presence. 1.) C is for content: Being seen and listened to is everything when it comes to making an impact on your customers, and attracting new business. 2.) C is for Connecting: Research indicates that there’s every reason to believe that connecting with your customers through various social media channels will lead to greater brand loyalty. 3.) C is for conversions: Every conversion starts with a conversation, and there’s no better place to communicate regularly with your ideal market than at hangouts like Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Read more at:



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WhatsApp money transfer via UPI

Messaging application WhatsApp has initiated discussions with Indian banks and other institutions to allow its users to make payments via United Payments Interface (UPI), which facilitates instant fund transfer between two bank accounts on the mobile platform. With UPI allowing instant settlement of funds between peers, all banks need to do is to integrate their systems with WhatsApp, which can identify the correct recipient. Read more at:





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Flipboard- As a platform for blogs

Flipboard can be used for client branding products but also used as a blogging tools these days. There can be different blogging approaches. 1)The Flipboard Traditional Blog: For an easier read, articles from existing blogs are added. It helps in subdividing categories and is a great method to share. It helps in gaining visibility. 2)The Flipboard Enhanced Blog: It is a higher version which includes the ones in traditional blog plus the Flipboard tools. It is easy to read and if you are not interested then you can ‘flip’ to the next section. 3)The Flipboard Supercharged Blog: The entire blogging happens in the app. It is an ideal format for personal branding and public speakers. The other two styles of blogging can also be followed with the last one to add more content. After you are done with it, what’s next? Now invite other bloggers to share their stories in your magazines. This method is of tremendous potential if one has a business. Read more at:


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Role of blogging in social media marketing strategy

Businesses can get recognized by various methods. But we need to consider the effectiveness and results of these methods. Social media when combined with right content can do wonders. There must be a good starting point at first. Then we create funnel method using the blogs. First, we set the goals and then do continuous evaluation at a regular interval. We must ensure that our blog posts create an impact on people. Then only we must publish the blogs and create a marketing collateral. These posts must be shared among the various social media platforms. The idea behind the funnel strategy is that the content should be apt and the targeted audience should be attracted towards it. Read more at:


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Chatbots And Social Media Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, marketing is not possible without social media and the chatbot has become the newly-adopted social media tool. Chatbots helps in your social media marketing strategy and also increases website traffic and sales while providing Artificial Intelligence assistance which in turn will help you to communicate better. Use chatbots as an analytical tool and optimize it for conversions. Read more at:

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Bots and its use in mobile apps

It is hard to believe that Bots will replace websites and mobile apps, but there are some logical reasons why that is possible. Messaging apps are growing very fast and if this becomes a popular way of communication, then every business is going to need a way to engage on these platforms. Bots will be faster than websites and mobile apps will be smart enough to understand what are you saying by their Artificial Intelligence power. Bots don’t need to be downloaded like other mobile apps. Bots will be easier to use than any other technology ever created. Read more at:

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Social networks and bots

Social Media is the most important tool used for Business. Big Brands take help of social bots to improve their customer process. The Researchers from University of Southern California and Indiana University found that between 9%-15% active Twitter accounts are social bots and the accounts are controlled by software which is algorithmically generating content and establishing interactions. Read more at:

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Introduction To Chatbots And Its Future

A chatbot or talkbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. The service could be ranging from functional to fun, and it could live in any chat products like Facebook Messenger,Text Messages, etc. There are two types of chatbots,

1.Chatbot that functions based on rules and  2. Chatbot that functions using machine learning or AI.  Chatbots  are  gaining popularity  as people are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks. To know more about chatbots, read:

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