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Transition from legacy to ERP system

 If you are thinking about transiting from your legacy system to ERP system or if you are in the process of implementing it, there are some things you can do to confirm that it works well for your enterprise. They are: identify any problems with your business processes and consider what you can do to improve them before you roll out your ERP system, engage with your key employees, consider On-Premise or cloud-based ERP, Implement ERP through different stages, embrace change management, have a maintenance plan and have a project communication plan. Read more at:




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Why ERP training is important for employees

Employee training is crucial for any ERP implementation. If employees aren't prepared to switch over to the new system, you could run the risk of delayed implementation, errors or other failures. Most organizations understand that technology training for employees is important, but, fail due to poor change management are putting effort into teaching staff how to use the new ERP. To know more about the most common reasons why ERP training is ineffective, follow:




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Why Change Management Is Critical For ERP Implementation

In a research, it was found that a lack of internal change management is a key factor why ERP implementations fail. Change management isn't just an important tool for employee happiness and software adoption, but it’s also critical to operational efficiency and a high return on investment in ERP implementations. Project planning, employee training and communications, communicating the vision, and creating a formal change management program are some of the things decision-makers need to know about the role of change management in an ERP implementation. Read more at:



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Change Management Plan for Cloud Based CRM

In cloud based CRM, vendor handles everything from hardware maintenance to software upgrades. But, when the vendor overhauls their system which in turn forces your business to change the whole system. So, a change management plan is necessary. Business must have alternative plans in place for other CRM systems. Read more at:



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Growing need of Prescriptive Analytics in B2B Environment

With increasing complexity in the sales environment, improvement in growth and retention of customers is required. Prescriptive guidance can provide answers to these. It is predicted that implementation of analytics tools and strategies will increase. So, B2B companies will reinforce a position for Chief Growth Office (CGO) who will require analytics tools to implement their ideas.
Thus, a step towards Prescriptive analysis and effective implementation plan will help B2B companies to improve their financial performance.
To know more about prescriptive analytics, follow the article written by Javier Aldrete (senior director of product management at Zilliant) at:




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Change Managers a.k.a Project Managers

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

- John F. Kennedy

Change management is an important part of today’s business. Poor change management can lead to a loss of an important opportunity. This problem can be handled by equipping project managers with the skills and abilities to manage change. But are they ready for it?

According to Mike DePrisco, Vice President for Academic and Educational Programs at PMI, “We’ve seen the losses shrink over the past nine years. Part of this is due to having more engaged sponsors for change initiatives, but it also has to do with learning leaders making sure project managers have better skills and strategies.

For training the project managers in this, PMI relies on the PMI Talent Triangle which includes the following 3 elements that lead to their holistic development:

  • Technical Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Strategic and Business Management

Besides these, Satish Subramanian, author of “Transforming Business with Program Management, identifies lack of sustainable vision as a problem which change leaders face. For this, he has suggested few management tactics that learning leaders can apply with project managers in their change implementation plan. Some of them are:

  • Articulate the plan
  • Deliver the right training
  • Get leadership on board

To know more, please read the following article by Kate Everson, Associate Editor at Chief Learning Officer, at

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Change Management: A New Perspective

Change management is a systematic approach while dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on an individual level. For successful change management an organization needs the satisfaction of employees. According to Jeffrey Liker (President, Liker Lead Advisors), most of the organizations are looking for lean transformation and they are facing problem while transforming as they focus in reasoning process. Read more at:

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