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Know all about customer success manager’s role

The role of customer success manager’s role is a challenging one. They face both internal teams and external customers, trying to strike a happy balance between both while making the customer experience everything that it can be. This role requires someone to find big problems that customers are having, communicating with the marketing and product teams, and find solutions. Read more at:


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Customer Success Management: An Insight

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is in much demand nowadays. These SaaS platforms are subscription-based model and allow businesses to access their big data, analytics and other applications online from anywhere in the world, and are hosted in the cloud. But, enterprise-level SaaS platforms can cost thousands of dollars per month and is expensive. So, customer success manager (CSM) is gaining popularity nowadays. CSMs help manage the whole SaaS subscription process for businesses from marketing, to the initial sale of the subscription, to renewal. Read more at:



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