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A new way of combating cyber security

Cyber security exists although there remains some threat. So, organizations now adopt never trust, always verify approach to cybersecurity to help protect your data robustly. This approach offers substantial benefits to organizations and businesses. Nowadays, employees generate endless amount of data every day, safeguarding this level of security may sound like a challenge. This article explores how zero trust helps secure your data. Read more at:


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All About Cyber Security Attacks and How to Prevent Them

These days, cyber security attacks and data breaches are on the rising side. Data breach laws are there but, it requires organizations to inform users that their personal information has been negotiated. So, it is important to understand these cyber laws and their importance as they are dangerous for effective data protection. According to a report, it was found that almost 2 trillion data records were hacked during the first half of 2017 where several MNC’s like big banks, hospitals and even credit agencies have fallen prey to these hackers. Read more at:



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Cybersecurity Tips For Lawyer

Cyber-attacks are a threat to businesses today. The need for better cybersecurity, along with the responsibility to safeguard the client and firm information from the risk of loss from cyber attack, has been the focus of considerable discussion by law firms. Almost all law firms of any size or legal specialization have in their custody and control sensitive client and firm-business information. Here are some tips shown in a recent conference: Use two-factor authentication: - Two factor authentication is a popular and effective way to protect the security of online accounts.
To know more please read the article by David Lat (Founder and managing editor of Above the law): -



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