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Upcoming trends in digital marketing

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017. Justin Wilson (Digital Marketing consultant based in Manchester, UK) in his article explores the trends to look out for during the next twelve months. They are: Display Ads Evolve, Augmented Reality Will Be Back, Content Marketing Gets Tougher, Internet of Things will be important in digital marketing. Read more at:


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digital marketing trends of 2015

In the last nine months of 2015, we have seen a number of digital marketing trends emerge. Anoop Gupta (experienced in web marketing) writes in his article about the various digital marketing trends. They are:  Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Marketing Automation, Mobile & Responsiveness, and Social Marketing. Read more at:



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Digital Marketing: What’s Next Guide from U.S.

U.S. is seen as trendsetter in terms of digital marketing. Though, it’s not the only country in this space, but still people look up to it, to know what’s coming next. In his article at The Guardian, Luke Carrell, Strategy Director at We Are Social, has shared few digital marketing trends that are doing the rounds in US. They are:

  • Personal branding for (mostly) good
  • Social thinking
  • Push into consciousness
  • Innovating from within
  • Branded content

Albeit, not exclusive to US, these trends shows us the future of digital marketing globally.

To understand them in detail, please visit the following link:

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