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IoT data and Artificial Intelligence

It is a fact that the Internet of Things produces a lot of data for companies. So, dealing with this massive amount of data is both a large task and a continuous process for organizations. But, now most companies have some idea about the potential value of IoT data for their operations and IoT data which keeps streaming in, artificial intelligence is a natural choice for analyzing and making sense of them. Read more at:


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Importance of IoT In Improving CRM Data

Nowadays, companies are using the Internet of Things (IoT) as a source of data. But, most companies are not using IoT data for their sales and marketing departments. We need to know the reason of this discrepancy. The gap is generally technical, and two different technical groups need to work together to tie the IoT to customer relationship management systems. This article explores the ways IoT data streams will improve the quality and impact of CRM data. They are : Usage rate, preventive maintenance and cross marketing. Read more at:


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