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Benefits of online store

It is the age of online. You can sell anything and everything online. So, if you give importance to efficiency, quality and consistency in your branding and marketing campaigns, setting up an online store might be the single solution that will solve multiple problems in your organization. Read more at:


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Personalisation To Contextualisation: A Journey

2014 was the year of personalization. But, 2015 will be the year of contextualization. Marketers want to deliver the right experience, at the right time, to each user. The digital engagement tools make contextualization possible by combining real-time segmentation and personalization technology which helps to answer many questions about consumers. Sharing and capturing data across data sources like CRM, marketing automation, e-mail marketing systems, etc. and touch points like web, email, social, call center, online store, offline database, etc. helps an organization to create visitor profile that will improve target based marketing. Read more at:




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