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Benefits of identity resolution

In today’s business world, there are specific channels and tactics and they matter than the overall consumer experience. So, identity resolution has surfaced to create competitive advantage.  Identity resolution is the regulation of identifying individuals across channels and devices and associating them with information used for marketing and advertising. It is the foundation that fuels a people-based marketing and size strategy and by knowing who they are interacting with, marketers can tailor their activities in a way that drives both the behaviors and business outcomes they care about most. Read more about the benefits of identity management at:


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Consumer Data: A Study

Marketers are facing challenges in leveraging data to deliver relevant and personalized ads, messages and customer experiences. Most digital marketers relied on third-party data to reach prospective customers. Third-party data have been an easy way to reach a large section of consumers. But in today’s environment, it’s no longer enough. Instead, first-party data has become important for a majority of marketers. Columnist Mike Sands in his article writes that there are three main categories of data currently available to marketers: First-Party Data (any data created by a brand’s direct interactions with customers). Second-Party Data, and Third-Party Data.  But, what makes first-party data important, why are marketers prioritizing it over third-party data, and how can it help them achieve more effective people-based marketing? Read on:



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