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All about event marketing

In an era of social media marketing, event marketing, both online and offline, is becoming one of the most effective ways to combat weak messaging, missed opportunities, and dwindling interest as it can still be easy to lose sight of the personal connection that helps brands build loyalty with customers old and new. Besides, event marketing can create that connection while boosting awareness, adding value, and generating conversation. Read more at:


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Predictive analysis: A need

Predictive analysis is the need of the hour for all the businesses. Ample data is available and can be used by the companies for making analysis right for customer satisfaction trends. Data collection is becoming cost effective and can be used by any medium scale enterprise also. The analysts use them to draw meaningful results to help their companies grow. The techniques in predictive analysis include: clustering, decision trees and linear regression. The applications where predictive analysis can be used are:
• Content marketing
• E-commerce
• Social media marketing
Thus, predictive analysis is a useful tool that can help the business to provide better products and services. 

For more information visit: 

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Social media campaigning

Social media is not much of a money minting way. Such campaigns can be set up free of cost but of big results, there should be some expenditure for good results. Proper planning and strategizing must be done before posts are made on the websites. Having a consistent volume of data posted is of utmost importance. Being an active user can attract a bigger volume of potential clients towards your business. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Without providing value to customers, there will not be profits to the business.  Approaching people at a personal level makes a lot of difference.  Engaging content draws the non-attentive followers to pay attention to the firm.  Read more at:


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How to choose the right social media marketing tools

In any business, investment in social media marketing is necessary. Now, you have to make the right decision when you choose social media marketing tools as one million new active social media users added every single day. But, whatever tool you choose must have a positive impact on business growth. This article explores some key aspects when looking at social media tool. They are:


·         Easy to use

·         Up-to Date

·         Effective

·         Genuine business value

·         Customer service


Read more at:



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What can benefit the business most?

When combined with direct mail, social media marketing can open the portal to a powerful promotional strategy?  The three C’s of social media marketing make it clear that you really have nothing to lose – and everything to gain – by establishing an active, and lucrative, online/offline presence. 1.) C is for content: Being seen and listened to is everything when it comes to making an impact on your customers, and attracting new business. 2.) C is for Connecting: Research indicates that there’s every reason to believe that connecting with your customers through various social media channels will lead to greater brand loyalty. 3.) C is for conversions: Every conversion starts with a conversation, and there’s no better place to communicate regularly with your ideal market than at hangouts like Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Read more at:



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How to Step up social media marketing strategy

Today social media marketing works in coupled with different business procedures. It is a powerful platform that can boost a business's bottom line. The author writes about some steps to create a social media marketing strategy that resonates with the target audience. They are: 1. Establish Goals, 2. Audit Existing Social Medial Connect                                                                                    3. Build Your Online Identity From Ground Up  , 4. Connect With Industry Experts And Influencers To Increase Followers, 5. Create an Engaging Editorial Calendar,                                                                          6. Trace The Reach Of Your Social Media Campaigns, and                                                         7. Build On Your Strengths For more read :

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Effective social media marketing

Social media marketing is becoming important for modern business houses and it is about more than just setting up a profile page and posting the occasional update. The goal of the social media marketing is to build a bond with the audience, and to spread message through shares and reposts. Content is important but, the timing and frequency of posting matters a lot. Read more at:

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Social Media Marketing - The Missing Components

Success for any business depends on finding the right kind of content, pace, and interactions with followers and influencers. Nowadays, social media managers are developing recipes for their programs, but even so, something seems to be missing. So, we need to find out about the missing social media marketing element. In this article, we’ll explore 3 main reasons that interactive content and social marketing pair so nicely together. Read more at:



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Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing: An Insight

According to a research, it was found that email marketing and social media marketing are the two mediums which is most likely to see an increase in investment in 2015. Most businesses don’t integrate these two mediums. It was also found that by integrating email and social strategies together, organizations can improve their brand’s reach while adding leads to the sales pipeline. Read more at:



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Animated GIFs: An Insight

Animated GIFs or Reaction GIFs are gaining popularity nowadays. Animated GIFs are used to express an emotional reaction to something very specific. If any business or brand share animated GIFs that do not belong to you, can create some copyright issues. Alison Zeringue (Team Manager at Search Influence), writes in her article how to use GIFs in Social Media Marketing. They are: 1. Adding personality to your brand can help customers; 2. using animated GIFs in social posting or your website’s blog posts can make your content more viral; 3. Companies can use animated GIFs to highlight the main feature of a company’s products; 4. Animated GIFs can help others understand what it’s like to work with you. Read more at:


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A Guide to Product Launch for Start-ups

Customers today are aware about social media, and are willing to try stuff out and maybe even write a review based on their experiences with a brand. In an ideal world blog reviews should take care of it provided the product is good. Sadly, the world is anything but ideal.
The success of a product does not depend solely on its quality but rather on the advertising that goes behind it. The traditional ways of advertising are costly and often beyond the financial reach of new companies. This is where social media marketing comes in.
Here is a guide to get your marketing strategies take flight:
• Start your product launch campaign with research: Before you start developing your products, try to gauge what your target audience will actually notice and respond to.
• Plan a campaign that creates interest: Make sure that the campaign keeps the interest of fans high and urge them to actively participate in them.
• Video – your most effective marketing tool: It is estimated that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, and video-on-demand traffic alone will have trebled.
• Involve influencers: Influencers are people with followers and fans who quickly respond to any endorsements and recommendations.
• Celebrate the revelation: Celebrate the campaign by rewarding fans who participated, with special gifts and rewards.
• Don’t kill the buzz: Case study videos are a great way to keep the buzz, around your campaign for a while. Read more at:

For more information visit:




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Social Media Marketing Increases Digital Marketing

Changing attitude of the young generation along with urbanization in India is driving the expansion of digital marketing in the Asia hugely. Noticing such changes, digital ad spending is also increasing gradually. Increasing use of mobile is enhancing marketing by helping product research work better.  Smartphone has penetrated regions in Asia Pacific like never before. This increases the usage of mobile app which indirectly increases mobile internet ad spending as marketers are benefiting. Western marketers are also looking to move into this region as they can have better social measurement. They focus on the impact of social on key business objectives. Digital marketing increases in countries like India, China that grow into true economic powerhouses with increasing ROI. Read more about it by Stuart Found (Global Digital Events Manager) at:


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The making of social strategy

The process involving social media marketing is the amalgamation of both art and science. Let us have a look at what it takes to develop and maintain content for social media marketing.                                                                                        

  • Creativity in content is crucial. Group brainstorming sessions are held including writers, marketers, sales managers to develop new and creative ideas.                                              
  • Content prepared by writers is then edited for spelling, grammar, accuracy and creativity by team of experts.                
  • A visually enriched content is created by inclusion of images without violating copyright laws.                                        
  • Marketing copy is generated so as to ensure that clients’ goals are achieved be it selling a product or branding.          
  • Targeting specific audience so that message reaches the right bunch of people.  
  •  Lastly, social media sites are monitored and analytics tools are used to identify which campaigns perform well and which don’t. This learning can be put to use while developing content in future.

Read more at:

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Social Media Marketing Doesn't Always Work For The Companies

Social media marketing is tough and takes time to work, but it's not impossible to make it work. These days' entrepreneurs face difficulties while using the social media practices for their marketing plan. When social media doesn't work for any organization then they should try to find the solution to this problem.

Mandy Edwards (founder of ME Marketing Services, a social media marketing company located in Statesboro, Georgia) in her article in lists out the various reasons at why the social media marketing does not work which are as follows:

  1. You're trying to do every platform.

 2. You are broadcasting sales pitches instead of building relationships.

3. You are doing too much online.

4. You're trying to do it all yourself- and run your business.

Read more at:

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Wish To Market Your New Product? Go Social

Though underestimated at times, social media marketing is fast becoming a vital necessity for success of business. Due to complexity of the nature of data analysis and increasing number of social media platforms available, the task of adopting the best social strategy may appear confusing. For more productive use of social media for marketing, the author suggests the following: 1) Creating outstanding and attractive content like images, text documents, etc. 2) Adopting social marketing instead of impersonal digital marketing.  3) Developing two way communication channels with the customers.4) Doing proper research. 5) Monitoring social media 6) Being genuine Read more:-


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Social Media Marketing: A New Study

Marketing without social media is impossible nowadays, as it was found that over 72% adults use social media. Marketers are also utilizing B2B and B2C markets. But, marketers are also of opinion that it is harder to measure the benefits from social media. Mark Gadala (digital marketer), in his article talks about some social media tools that will help marketers to measure social media marketing and also help in accountability.  To know more, follow:


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Content Marketing: A heart of Marketing Strategy

In this information era, marketing is all about information and content marketing is an important part of marketing strategy because it provides a foundation for leveraging other marketing channels. For example: social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach leads, but what will happen if you don't have a content to post in a social media account? According to Sarah Goliger (Inbound Marketer at HubSpot), content marketing is a long-term strategy. Tips to manage content marketing:

• Plan ahead
• Write evergreen content
• Promote evergreen content
• Leverage older content for new conversions

To know more about content marketing and its importance, please follow this link:

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Tips to grow business with limited budget

In this competitive world, advertising is very important for getting customer’s attention. But, a small industry has limited budget and they need to develop a successful marketing campaign, which creates revenue for them without expending too much. Here are some tips to grow business with limited budget:
• Make an interesting and short elevator pitch.
• Try to think locally because it can really pay off.
• Collaborate with local business.
• Networking is the best way to grow your business.
• Presenting speeches full of information about the product and benefits, in conference and events can be helpful.
• Try to build relationships with customers.
• Offer incentives and coupons to customers.
To know more tips and benefits of all these tips, please follow this link:

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Struggling to attract customers: Try these marketing strategies

In this competitive world, most of the organizations are struggling to attract customers. They are advertising on TV, newspaper, billboards. But, they are not getting success.  Here are some successful marketing strategies used to target the right customer at the right place and at the right time are:

·         Content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. This includes articles on website, e-newsletters, videos and articles on other website.

·         Make advertisement look visually good by adding pictures. According to a recent survey by Hubspot A/B, images used in tweets increase clicks by 36%, increase retweets by 41%, increase in leads by 55%, and increase visit by 31%.

·         Use responsive design, website technology for detecting the customer’s device and providing reformatted website according to the screen size.

·         For transparency, use social media marketing.

·         And at last, try to relate with target customers.

To know please follow this link:

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Tips for making effective social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is considered to be the best way to reach the prospective customers. But it could be a disaster also, if not done with proper planning and strategy. Jeff Foster (Co-founder and CEO of Tomoson) in his article “How to build a social media marketing strategy that works,” discussed about some tips for building a good social media marketing strategy. That are:
• Understand your goals
• Create measureable objectives
• Characterize your customers
• Look at the competition
• Develop your messages
• Choose a content plan
• Choose your channels

For building an effective social media marketing strategy an organization need to define their mission that could increase their sales, creating brand awareness, etc. One should choose one or two missions at a time to make marketing more effective. To know more about these tips and their benefits, read an article:

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