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Conversion Rate Optimization Made Easy
  1. As anyone who does business online knows, a high-quality website is critical to succeed.  Getting a high-quality website, however, isn’t always easy. Whether you’re brick-and-mortar or internet-only, maintaining a strong web presence is essential to bringing in new customers. But if you don’t plan on building your website on your own, how do you know […]

    The post My Site Stinks: Building Better, Smarter Websites with B12 and AI appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  2. As a B2B Demand Generation Agency, our clients are faced with longer sales cycles and a multitude of influencers and decision makers who are conducting research on their product and services.  This means that when we’re analyzing traffic data, heatmaps, and in-app surveys, we approach these insights with the understanding that most visitors are there […]

    The post Converting B2B Leads: How to Build a Multi-Touch Attribution Marketing Campaign appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  3. We’ve hit a tipping point.  In research conducted by Nonfiction Research this past November, we learned that more than 50% of self-identified marketing experts were more likely to read the research conducted by another company on that company’s customers than they were to review research on their own customers. It sparks a Naughty by Nature […]

    The post Why We Launched a Website Survey Integration with SurveyMonkey appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  4. The smallest design changes can sometimes have the biggest impact on your conversion rates. And sometimes the most popular fads will actually backfire horrendously on your site (I’m looking at you, infinite scroll).  The only way to know for sure is to A/B test those changes to see what resonates with your website visitors and […]

    The post Best Practices and Pro Tips for Using An A/B Testing Tool appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  5. People talk all the time about the need to be a data-driven company and to use scientific decision-making at work. This is why so many companies conduct website tests like A/B and multivariate (MVT) tests. However, these are by no means the only testing methods available to marketers and UX designers. These tests tend to […]

    The post Should You Pay People To Test Out Your Website? How Usability Testing Can Improve Your UX appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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