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Conversion Rate Optimization Made Easy
  1. how to run a conversion funnel analysis

    The other day, I was speaking with a customer who was having a tough time identifying how to improve her website. This customer, let’s call her Carol, is a business owner who manages an e-commerce website focused on the design and manufacturing of reliable medical products. When I asked her what her biggest challenge was, […]

    The post When’s The Last Time You Analyzed Your Conversion Funnel? appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  2. rebranding validation

    There comes a time in a business’s lifespan that a rebrand is necessary for new horizons or continued success. However, rebranding can be a nerve-wracking process for business owners, execs, and anyone else involved. This is because a rebrand has to resonate with audiences without losing touch with the current customer base. Failing to rebrand […]

    The post Ready For Rebranding? Validate Your New Direction To Minimize Risk appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  3. Part Two: Getting the Most Out of Recordings

    If you missed the first part of our series on Recordings, you can pop over to Part One to learn the value of session replays, how to set up a viewing routine, and how to protect your visitors’ privacy. Now that you’re on board with making Visitor Recordings a part of your CRO efforts, how […]

    The post Visitor Recordings Part Two: Knowing What To Look For appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  4. beginner's guide to CRO

    Our co-founder, Neil Patel, once asked 208 companies one simple question: “Which marketing strategy has provided you with your biggest return on investment?” As a click-bait article might say, THE ANSWER WILL SHOCK YOU. It wasn’t SEO. They said they were actually getting the highest ROI from CRO (conversion rate optimization). And what’s fascinating is […]

    The post Tools, Tips, And Getting Ready For Testing: A Quick-Start Guide To CRO appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  5. dynamic personalization

    There’s no doubt that personalization helps boost conversions. The proof is in the numbers: Econsultancy found that 93% of companies experienced a rise in conversion rates after personalizing their search engine marketing The same was true for 94% of companies that personalized their websites And 92% of companies that personalized their emails saw a boost […]

    The post 6 Personalization Techniques That Will Boost Your Conversion Rate appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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