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Conversion Rate Optimization Made Easy
  1. E-sellers attempting to scale online eventually begin to focus on the art of sales conversion rate optimization. To understand conversion optimization, it helps to define what we mean when someone converts. When discussing e-commerce conversion rates, a conversion is said to occur when an individual makes a purchase from your online store. An e-commerce conversion […]

    The post Sales Conversion Rate: How to Optimize Your Website in 7 Key Steps appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  2. website traffic

    Let’s face it: Your website traffic has an indirect impact on the profits of your business. Poor traffic generation will typically lead to poor conversions. And as we know, poor conversions generate low revenue, leaving your business with little to no profit. The major misconception about generating website traffic is that you need to create […]

    The post How I Increased My Website Traffic by 80% in 6 Months [Case Study] appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  3. designer checklist

    A beautiful website can impress anyone upon first touch. It can scream “premium” and aid greatly in company branding. But beauty and the “wow factor” alone doesn’t lead to sales. Not if your user flows and general user experience isn’t optimized properly. That just leads to a bounce. Most marketers and businesses think website aesthetics […]

    The post A 4-Point CRO Checklist to Give to Your Web Designers appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  4. CRO Heroes

    Often, marketers simply don’t focus on conversion rate optimization. Why? Some say they don’t have time, it’s too expensive, or their priorities are just driving traffic. But if you’re focusing on driving traffic without optimizing your website to convert it, you’re going to miss the mark on your ultimate business goals. And increased revenue aside, […]

    The post CRO Hero: Christopher Nolan, Conversion Optimization and Growth Manager at BigCommerce appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  5. Call to Action Button

    If you had to pack all your conversion wisdom and power into one tiny space, it would be the call-to-action button. It’s amazing how a single button can make or break an online business. I believe there’s no such thing as a successful marketing effort unless there’s a successful CTA. That’s why I’ve spent a […]

    The post Call-to-Action Button: How To Create High-Converting CTAs in 15 Steps appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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