Six Sigma Quality Resources for Achieving Six Sigma Results
  1. Drinking beer can be fun, but you can also use beer as a training tool. Use this beer distribution game simulation for groups as small as four and as large as 60.
  2. A box plot may seem like a simple tool, but as this example shows it can help reveal common and special cause variation that may not have otherwise been noticed. Be sure you're looking below the surface to optimize your performance!
  3. Depending upon the particular organization, quality may or may not be influential in management decision-making. Ultimately, it depends upon what is understood as quality. There may be more urgent tactical actions than those related to quality if the organization's product or service quality is acceptable – it may not be perfect, but if it's acceptable then that's good enough.
  4. Construction projects are always a challenge. Inspections are needed (often several), but if you're trying to schedule one in Brevard County, Florida, you're competing for the attention of 14 inspectors in a 500 square mile environment. Lean Six Sigma to the rescue!
  5. Your organization may have any number of possible areas for improvement. How do you pick which project to start with? The value index can help you prioritize by measuring optimization between performance, quality and cost.

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