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2016: The year of Deep Learning

 2016 has been the year of deep learning, some big breakthrough were achieved in 2016 by Google and DeepMind.Some of the most significant achievements are as follow :

 AlphaGo triumphs Go showdown : AlphaGo the google’s AI for the game Go to everyone’s surprise was able to beat Go champion Lee Sedol.

 Bots kicking our butts in StarCraft : DeepMind AI bots were able to outperform some of the top rated StarCraft II players.

 DIY deep learning for Tic Tac Toe : AlphaToe a AI bot was able to outperform most of the people that played with it.

 Google’s Multilingual Neural Machine Translation : Google was able to make a model which is capable of translating text b/w languages, reaching a new milestone in linguistics and NLP.

 Hence , in a nutshell , 2016 was the year for Deep Learning and a lot of unachievable milestone were conquered during the annual year.

 To know more you can read the full article by Precy Kwan at


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Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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