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Music Analytics: helping the music industry see into the future!

The world’s music habits were once relatively private. Record companies were aware about which radio station played their songs and where their CDs were popular, but that information painted an incomplete picture at best in reality. Who knew what music people were sharing on tapes and CDs burnt in the privacy of their own bedrooms? The sales figure notifies companies about the number of records or CDs sold, but no information can be tracked after that. With the time, the music industry is changing, thinking is changing, market is changing. The explosion of data from sources like torrents, music streaming sites and social media platforms has offered the music industry a huge opportunity to track sales, monitor post selling behaviour, understand their fans and spot upcoming artists like never before. Music analytics is now worth an estimated £ 1.8 billion per year. While internet is taking power away from record labels, it is also giving them the ability to predict future hits. Universal Music UK’s director of digital, Paul Smernicki, thinks that ultimately the music industry will always be focused on content, no matter what analytical tools are available. According to him,“It’s important to remember that it's just a set of tools to help inform us. The data doesn't make the decisions, that's an un-replicable part of what we do.” But with robots replacing humans in every sphere of work, who knows how long it will be before music- the most successful talent scout in the industry is defined by an algorithm!

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Saturday, 18 January 2020
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